Our Primary Care Provider, Amy!

From the responses I’ve been receiving, I see you’re all excited about the superstar team I’ve rounded up.

Well, hold on to your hats…

Because today I’m sharing with you our Primary Care Provider, Amy Strauss NP!

I met Amy over 10 years ago at a Crossfit gym, and I introduced her to Functional Medicine.

What’s so great about Amy is that she’s one of the most authentic Providers I know.

She truly wants the BEST quality of life for everyone she comes into contact with, and I quote:

“After seeing many patients throughout my career, from beginning of life to end of life, has put things into perspective for me. We only have one chance at this life and it’s time to start thriving, not just surviving!”

When she’s not delivering babies, taking care of kids in the ICU at Lehigh Valley, or making house calls to alleviate suffering for her Palliative patients..

Amy spends time with her husband Paul. They have two children, Madelyn 17 and Logan 14 as well as a 7-month old fur baby Nala (who is in training as a therapy dog).

It’s no wonder why she plays first base in her Make-a-Wish Softball league, she is a double board-certified family nurse practitioner AND Acute Care Pediatrics Nurse Practitioner, she’s got a keen level of awareness for running the show!

Amy’s always been a rockstar at whatever she does.

  • Graduating Magna cum laude at Pennsylvania State University
  • WORKED FULL TIME WHILE EARNING HER MASTER’S OF SCIENCE IN NURSING at Bloomsburg University, where she “Passed with Distinction”
  • Seeing Palliative care patients WHILE working the Pediatric ICU

She’s an A-Player who understands the future of healthcare transitioning more towards healthy behaviors/choice and NOT about constant intervention (her words, not mine).

I know Amy is a great fit for our Peak Integrative Medicine members.

Are you as stoked as I am yet?

I’m looking forward to our next introduction.

I’m going to be announcing a surprise we’ve been planning that will absolutely knock your socks off

And not to mention, change the game of Primary Care.

Have you shared our link yet?

If not, here it is: peakintegrativemed.com


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