In Pennsylvania, health and wellness is a top priority. Many residents are looking for efficient, comprehensive methods to control pain, improve mobility, and develop PEAK wellness in their lives. That is why chiropractic treatment is a core component of PEAK Integrative Medicine. Chiropractic therapy has proven results for people dealing with a range of health issues, from acute and chronic back pain to migraines, headaches, and beyond. Chiropractic health places a strong emphasis on natural healing and nonpharmacological therapies.

How Chiropractic Care Impacts Pain Management

Chiropractic therapy is a powerful alternative to conventional methods for treating pain, especially acute or subacute low back pain. The American College of Physicians recognizes the use of nonpharmacologic pain management techniques, including spine manipulation, acupuncture, massage, and superficial heat. Chiropractic therapy is recommended with physical activity, acupuncture, and other complementary therapies for chronic low back pain. The Goodmen et al. article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (2013) emphasizes the effectiveness of chiropractic therapy in pain management further, providing hope for people looking for long-lasting relief.

Chiropractic treatment has benefits beyond just pain relief. According to research published by Corcoran et al. in Pain Medicine (2019), chiropractic patients had a stunning 64% reduced risk of being prescribed opioids than non-patients. Additionally, Goertz et al. (2018) reported in a clinical investigation including active-duty military members that chiropractic therapy coupled with regular medical care results in higher pain alleviation and decreased disability compared to medical care alone. These results highlight how chiropractic treatment has the potential to alter the field of pain management.

Chiropractic Care & Root Cause Medicine

The range of chiropractic therapy goes into a variety of health areas. According to Dunning’s study, upper cervical and thoracic manipulation is useful in treating cervicogenic headaches in sufferers (Dunning et al., 2016). In additional research by Leininger et al. (2016) it highlights how chiropractic therapy can improve clinical results and lower societal costs when paired with home exercise and counseling. This demonstrates the extensive influence of chiropractic therapy on several facets of health.

That is why Peak Integrative Medicine utilizes chiropractic therapy. We see the long-term effects on the health of our patients.

Aging Gracefully with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatment can offer comfort to senior citizens looking for ways to preserve their health and energy. The benefits of chiropractic therapy for older people with chronic low back pain are demonstrated by research supported by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine of the National Institutes of Health. These patients had shorter pain episodes and reduced expenses for treatment, which suggests that chiropractic care may improve seniors’ quality of life (Weeks et al., 2016).

Chiropractic Care Is Cost Effective

Chiropractic treatment stands out as a cost-effective alternative in the healthcare environment. Medical expenses are always a major concern. According to studies, chiropractic therapy is significantly less expensive than other forms of treatment for uncomplicated lower back pain, whether it is used alone or in combination with medical care (Hurwitz et al., 2016).

At Peak Integrative Medicine, we do not allow insurance companies to determine how we work with you to improve your overall health. With how our pricing works, we avoid negotiating with insurance companies and we treat each individual to help them reach PEAK wellness.

Chiropractic Patients Are Satisfied With The Results

Are patients satisfied with the results of Chiropractic care? Yes. According to research by Adams et al. (2017), back and neck discomfort are the most common reasons for chiropractic consultations, and the majority of users note significant improvements in their general health and well-being. These results highlight the beneficial effects of chiropractic therapy on patients’ lives.

Consider Chiropractic Care To Improve Your Overall Health

As the evidence continues to mount, it’s clear that chiropractic care offered by PEAK Integrative Medicine is more than a treatment—it’s a transformative journey toward pain relief, improved function, and enhanced quality of life. PEAK is in agreement with recommendations from reputable organizations and is backed by a plethora of research. Chiropractic therapy continues to be a cornerstone of healing in the contemporary healthcare environment thanks to its strong combination of hands-on manipulation, patient-centered approach, and commitment to well-being.

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