We’ve received so many responses from people enjoying these updates.

So, we are going to keep them coming!

We’ve got another team member introduction.. JESS TARLETON!!

That’s right, Jess is coming along for the ride.

You may or may not already know her, but Jess and I have been working together for a few years now.

She’s an AMAZING health coach and Entrepreneur who graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Since 2009, Jess has worked with OVER A THOUSAND CLIENTS on weight loss and lifestyle changes.

Jess is no stranger to health challenges.

Eating the Standard American Diet from a young age left her with a host of issues including a stomach ulcer, asthma, allergies, and a consistent string of other illnesses.

She was overweight, insecure, unfocused and constantly fighting fatigue.

The more she medicated, caffeinated, and filled her plate with the wrong foods, the worse she felt.  It was a vicious cycle that felt impossible to break.

In her mid-20’s, Jess was introduced to chiropractic care, cleaner eating habits, and the gym. As she lost weight, she saw immediate progress with her health issues and energy levels.

However, her progress was not linear, and she struggled to maintain her weight loss, gaining over 90 pounds with the pregnancy of her FIRST set of twins.

After years of trial and error, as well as time spent on research and education, Jess was finally able to release excess weight and break free from the health issues that plagued her.

Now for the drumroll….

Jess maintains her health and business all the while with FOUR children!

Here she is with her family:

I wanted to share her story to ground you in knowing that change is possible.

It’s possible to be busy AND still maintain your health.

And also to show you that the team I’ve assembled are heart-centered people who are no strangers to struggle and practice what they preach.

Jess is going to help you master the changes we prescribe for you to achieve PEAK health.

And we’re stoked to have her on board!

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