Today you’ll be meeting our Director of Chiropractic & Physical Medicine, Dr. Brandon Aucker DC, MS.

He might be known to some of you already, but I wanted to share with you his new role with PEAK.

I’m more than happy to partner with him since we share similar values in health, family and business.

Here he is with his wife Ali and their Boston Terriers, Manny & Ernie:

Aside from being a Rockstar Chiropractor treating people from AGES 2 – 103

He is active in MANY local, state, and national organizations.

He not only has practiced with me when he first started out, but has owned a practice in Western PA that was relocated to Pottsville, where he has been practicing since 2016. Aside from helping patients in the local community, Dr. Aucker travels nationally to teach other chiropractors techniques that focus on biomechanics and rehabilitation (as well as a separate seminar on nutrition) so they can help their patients the same way Dr. Aucker has helped the local community!

Currently advocating to expand the scope of practice and reduce limitations in treating high school athletes, he’s become an active member of the PCA Sports Council.

One of the reasons I’m so excited to have Dr. Aucker onboard is due to his passion for PEAK sports performance, but we’re not just talking about organized sports… *LOOKING AT YOU WEEKEND WARRIORS*.

Dr. Aucker and his wife are firm believers in “practice what you preach” so they stay active whether it is with cycling, running, weight lifting, or hiking.

Collectively, they’ve completed marathons, half marathons, duathlons, and weight lifting competitions.

Their next goal is to accomplish an ultra marathon (50k) in May 2022!

I know what you’re thinking… he’s going to get bad knees from all of that running, cycling, and lifting weights, right? WRONG!

Dr. Aucker believes life is all about balance and homeostasis.

If you’re going to do something physically enduring, you better be doing something to help your body repair and recover (and the science supports this)!

If you’re getting cavities, do you stop eating or do you improve your oral care? That’s a no-brainer. Well, we need to view our entire body in the same regard.

So when another doctor advises you to stop running because you have ‘bad knees’, we like to take a different approach – why are the knees hurting? What can we do to prevent that? What can we do to get you back to your healthy, fun activity that you love instead of just GIVING UP.

There are so many conscious and subconscious stressors that we’re putting our body through on a daily basis that we SHOULD be taking care of ourselves.

Do you have a bad knee…..OR….. are you just not aware of the things to do at home to help improve your physical health?

You don’t need to feel lost in all of this – we are here to help!”

As you can see, we are serious about partnering with our members to reach their Peak Health.

Walking our talk is what sets us apart from other healthcare professionals.

I’d love to hear back from you now.. Would you be interested in getting your body back into shape for more activity this year?  If so, what’s your favorite activity?

Imagine a group of PEAK Integrative Members walking or running 5k races together for charity, that would be SO cool!

Another intro coming soon.. and you might already know her!


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