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When you’re tired of putting band-aids on your symptoms.

Functional & Lifestyle Medicine is the right next step on your journey.  The future of Medicine involves a balanced approach to lifestyle modification plus personalized protocols based on genetics and the the current state of your body’s biochemistry.

Most people seek out Functional Medicine because they generally feel unwell and no Doctor has been able to help them figure out 1. what’s causing them to feel bad and 2. how to help them feel better.

However, Functional Medicine like anything else, is not without any pitfalls.  Its easy for some Practitioners to shift from the conventional model of treating each ill with a pill to treating each ill with a natural supplement.  Thus, leaving people like they are still dependent on “taking something” to feel better. Which leads them into a rabbit hole of chasing one expensive lab test & supplement after another.

HERE’S HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT from other Functional Medicine Practices:
We believe living the way you were before you got sick is not going to help you get well.  We are firm believers in using food as medicine, coaching & counseling for for mindset & behavior change, healing in community and Physical Medicine & Chiropractic care for support.  We don’t mind temporarily prescribing something to alleviate suffering, but our ultimate goal for you is to induce your own body’s self healing capabilities while enlisting the help of your mindset & community.

Functional & Lifestyle Medicine

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Liana Rodriguez, D.O., IFMCP

Liana Rodriguez, D.O., IFMCP

Dr. Liana Rodriguez has 14 years of experience treating chronic illness & conditions. She is one of approximately 1800 Practitioners in the United States certified by The Institute of Functional Medicine. She has previously owned and ran a Functional Medicine practice, Rejuvenist Health™️ Institute in Biloxi, Mississippi and has now expanded to working with patients in Pennsylvania, Florida & Mississippi. Dr. Liana has and continues to use functional medicine to heal herself from years of chronic fatigue, mycotoxin illness, dysfunctional metabolism and blood sugar imbalances. She understands what goes into healing and navigating the journey going from “working from bed” to health & emotional freedom.

Buddy Touchinsky, DC, CFMP

Dr. Buddy Touchinsky has been in private practice for 16 years helping people to address the cause of their pain and chronic health conditions through chiropractic care and functional medicine. He has certifications in herbal therapy and as a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. He healed himself from chronic IBS and has invested a lot of time into cardiometabolic issues such as diabetes and hypertension due to his strong family history of these diseases. As an entrepreneur, he has launched six businesses over the past 15 years and enjoys not just helping people overcome their health problems, but functioning at a higher level so that they can better service in their roles as a parent, friend, teammate, business owner, etc.

Buddy Touchinsky, DC, CFMP

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