Hormone Imbalances

Treating Hormone Imbalances

When you have a hormone imbalance, the symptoms can manifest in a variety of ways depending on your own personal health. One common symptom of hormone imbalances is feeling constantly fatigued and tired. Hormone imbalance can also lead to depression or unexplained weight loss or weight gain.

Many men or women who experience hormone imbalance know that something is not right or healthy with their bodies, but they are unable to explain exactly what the problem is. This leads to a lot of doctor’s offices turning them away or simply prescribing a drug that might help or hinder your health.

When you work with us at PEAK, we will seek to determine the root cause of your hormone imbalance. Then we can heal this imbalance naturally. Sometimes all you need is a diet change, exercise, or specific vitamin supplements. Our IV therapy or PEMF therapy can be helpful in the process of balancing your hormones. Contact us if you are not feeling healthy, and we can run some tests to determine if you are suffering from hormone imbalances.


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