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Buddy Touchinsky 00:01-01:17

Hello everyone Dr. Touchinsky here from Peak Integrated Medicine. Today we have a special guest, it’s Rachel from Microbiome Labs. I’ll let her explain more about herself in a moment here and the company that she is with. But today we’re going to talk about a little bit about the microbiome so we’re not going to get into super great detail we’re going to talk about an overview of the gut the microbiome and some aspects of that can uh negatively impact our health and then, from there we’ll go into something that we call our “Total Gut Restoration Program” which is an intervention that we can do here at Peak integrated medicine to help improve everything from gut issues and as we’ll talk about a little bit perhaps um that gut issue can often affect other things so you might not have necessarily gut symptoms like diarrhea constipation gas and bloating but if you have changes in the gut lining itself or the microbiome it could lead to other things like autoimmunity um anxiety depression headaches fibroid issues joint pain I mean you name it the gut is super important in health so that’s why the TGR is one of our foundational programs here at Peak but let’s jump right into it and I’d like to introduce Rachel tell us a little about yourself and the company you work for.

Rachael Pontillo 01:17-02:27

Well thank you so much Dr. Touchinsky it’s great to be with you I’m Rachel Pontillo I am the account manager for New Jersey and Pennsylvania for Microbiome Labs but before I stepped into this role I was a function diagnostic nutrition practitioner myself as well as a health coach focusing in skin and the biggest part of my career was other than being in practice in education so I’m really happy to be part of microbiome Labs their focus has always been on education pioneering gut gut microbiome health and leading with clinical research and science we have more studies on finished products than many of the other companies that do this kind kind of stuff and what we do we do really well so we know that it works we know that it’s safe and that’s why I’m so comfortable putting so much Focus now at this point in my career working with this company and educating on these products so I’m really excited to share with you more information about the gut microbiome itself our total gut restoration protocol and um yeah.

Buddy Touchinsky 02:27-03:08

Sounds good so before we get started here I want to say one thing about microbiome Labs is something thing that I’ve been using I’ve been using the products for at least four or five years now and it’s one of those things it’s one of those products there’s a lot out there in the natural Healthcare World Integrative Medicine where lots of claims but you don’t always see the results it was one of those things where like just time and time again consistent results with even one of the products megaspore biotic and it’s one of those things too where like you mentioned the science where there’s actual science behind it where we can see how it reduces something called leaky gut syndrome and there’s a really good research article on that perhaps that we cover here in this presentation but um I won’t Jump Ahead too far let’s just jump right into it Rachel I’m going to share your slides now so go ahead and we’ll uh take off from here.

Rachael Pontillo 03:08-05:33

Fantastic! So the name of our presentation today is Operation total gut restoration beat leaky gut to optimize your health so we’re going to do this kind of like a movie our storyline is the GI track other known otherwise known as the gut and specifically we are going to look at leaky gut our villain is a substance a toxin actually called lipopolysaccharide and I’m going to explain what that is in a little while and the hero of our story is the total gut restoration protocol and we have a Supporting Cast of characters Keystone bacteria which are essentially our Good Guys short chain fatty acids which are food that our good guys need to eat the mucin 2 layer which I’m going to show you in a minute and something called interlukin 10 which I know sounds a little out there but that is is something that is really important to essentially help save the day the theme is something called metabolic endotoxemia and what that really means is it’s an increase of the villain in the bloodstream which is something that we obviously would like to avoid so what has happened the State of Affairs our plot is that the LPS has escaped its confinement in the microbiome and it then starts wreaking havoc on the system so the conflict here what can we do can LPS be contained can our hero work to restore rebalance rebuild and seal and heal the damage from the lipopolysaccharide well let’s take a look so this is a really pretty picture of what our gut microbiome our gut lining looks like so our little uh rainbow section here that kind of looks like candy this is our microbiome and you see we have lots of different colors we have lots of different shapes lots of diversity and that’s something that’s really important and this thick Green Layer here this is our muin 2 layer this is the layer of beneficial mucus that actually separates the microbes in the microbiome from this Blue Area down here which is the epithelium that is the intestinal lining which essentially keeps bad stuff out of General circulation that’s its job so these all work together to essentially keep us healthy and keep all of our systems functioning optimally.

Buddy Touchinsky 05:33-05:57

So to put that in perspective before you switch slides there so the rainbow color stuff if we’re looking at a garden hose the rainbow color Stuffs the water that’s going through the hose along with our food and everything else so the bacteria are living and floating around in there then the green is the hose itself the rubber hose and then the blue is outside of that hose which in the case of the body would be what makes it into the bloodstream is that accurate?

Rachael Pontillo 05:57-11:07

Yeah great analogy okay so here is a little bit more of a graphic representation of our settings so on the left here that’s kind of like the an anatomical view of the cross section of what we’re looking at in the colon but let’s look at this graphic here and I’m going to show this a couple of different times and the reason why we like this graphic is that you can really see on the left what a healthy gut looks like versus on the right what a leaky gut looks like so on the left in that Lumen area that um you know rainbow colored candy looking area this is where we see the good diversity of microbes low levels of pathogens and then we see that strong mucosal barrier in our picture here it’s blue in the other graphic it was green and low inflammation if any strong tight junctions so this this uh swirly snaky looking thing here is that epithelial lining and these cells we want them packed closely together because that is what keeps large particles and toxins out out and what actually helps our body a to be able to absorb nutrients better but when we have a leaky gut oops when we have a leaky gut oh it keeps flipping sorry when we have a leaky gut that actually um is not the case so as you can see here this blue mucin 2 area has essentially been breached okay and we have this flooding in of everything that’s in the microbiome Good Guys bad guys undigested food particles toxins that come in from a poor diet or even from in things in the environment and all of these cells down here that were tightly packed have now loosened the redness is showing inflammation and when we have inflammation we actually see down here the LPS is the lipopolysaccharide a binding to immune cells and that is what releases that inflammatory Cascade I’m sure many of you have heard the term cyto storm or cyto Cascade when we were talking about coid um and that essentially is systemic chronic low-grade inflammation that just kind of never resolves it is a constant state of inflammation which can lead to many of the conditions that Dr chinsky referred to before and we’re going to look at those a little bit more again so essentially these toxins they eat away at the mucosal layers so there’s literally no protection between this gut lining and the microbes and that’s something that we really are aiming to restore so let’s talk a little bit more about our villain what is LPS so essentially LPS is a toxin that is produced when gram negative bacteria die and those bacteria we have we all have different types of bacteria in our systems not all of them are bad but specifically um Proto bacteria when they die they release this substance and lipid a portion of that sub of that is the most toxic and the amount of that toxin that lipid a portion that is really determined by what we eat so if we have too many of these toxins that’s where we find that extreme inflammation it’s very stimulating to the immune system in a chronic way so here’s another look at how food affects that gut lining and that muin 2 lining as you can see here on the left we have a Whole Foods based kind of Mediterranean inspired high-fiber diet and when we’re talking about real food we’re talking about food that comes as close to its form in nature as possible not coming in a box not coming in a can not coming in the form of you know a Happy Meal or something like that so good healthy diets like that produce beneficial bacteria and as you can see here this is where we see another representation of those tightly packed intestinal cells and we have that nice thick mucin layer and that is protecting everything that needs to happen down here for good health from anything that should not be getting into that area into systemic circulation on the right this is when we see you know the Western diet otherwise known as the standard American diet otherwise known as the sad diet which is typically high in fat high in saturated fat sometimes hydrogenated fats trans fats emuls ifers and things like that which really are not as nutrient-dense for us in a good way this is where we also see the effects of fast food processed food junk food so when we have too many of these Foods in the diet that’s when we see differences here we see inflamed cells we see some breaches in between the cells they loosen up and we see that the mucin 2 layer has started to degrade and certain toxins are are able to then kind of take root in here and things can easily slip through these cracks into circulation

Buddy Touchinsky 11:07-11:16

And it’s not just diet or yeah it’s not just diet right stress and other antibiotic use medications alcohol other things can affect these layers right?

Rachael Pontillo 11:16-18:32

Yes this is not just a diet thing this is a whole lifestyle thing so people who overall aim to live healthy lives reduce stress move their bodies focus on sleep hydration avoiding toxic substances as much as possible are going to have better outcomes than people who are constantly sleep deprived maybe they drink a lot of alcohol or smoke or don’t exercise have high stress and so on and so forth and food is also again another very large component of that so here is our graphic again and on the right here this is we have our little LPS’s circled they’re starting as you can can see they breach through and they bind again to those immune cells which is what releases that inflammatory cyto kind Cascade and that ultimately it it creates a big mess because that inflammation like I said it’s chronic it’s low grade but it is chronic and I’m not saying this to scare anyone but when left unchecked these are things that can happen as Dr tuchinsky refered to earlier things that are chronic in nature autoimmune sometimes in nature and then some things that ultimately can lead to Serious disorders dysfunction and ultimately a reduction in health and quality of life so we really want to get this back in check we do have one study here that just shows how overall modifying the lifestyle including minimizing alcohol consumption increasing the diet rich in macronutrients that’s our highquality protein high quality fats and high quality carbohydrates not our you know chips and dip and pizza pizza is not a food group reducing saturated fat intake can all have an impact on reducing this state of metabolic endotoxemia as well as increasing prebiotics and probiotics have been shown to reduce the levels of circulating endotoxins and that’s essentially where the total gut restoration comes in play so we need a hero to come in and rebalance the microbes and increase the numbers and the variety of beneficial species in the microbiome in that candy looking area we want to increase short chain fatty acid production which is essentially the food that um helps to feed these microbes the substrate in which they live and thrive on we want to heal and seal the gut lining we want to tighten up those loosen cells we want to rebuild that mucus layer so that the inflammation can actually start to subside and doing all of that we want to reduce the production of lipopolysaccharide and the translocation so we don’t want lipopolysaccharide getting into circulation where it can do damage to the entire body so this is what total gut restoration looks like it is three products that comes in a kit it’s also available in some alternate options separately so you can work with Dr touchinsky to see what will be best for you but megasport Mega and mega mucosa are the three products that make up this protocol this is the box that it comes in and essentially these three products work together and we have multiple studies that show benefit of these products working together from healing everything from leaky gut reducing triglycerides reducing inflammatory bowel type conditions improving things like anxiety um allergies even it’s a really effective protocol with lots of science behind behind it so essentially what it’s doing it is maintaining a healthy and harmonious microbial ecosystem promoting a protective gut barrier supplying Precision bacterial species that support balanced immune and digestive function all things that are important for the body to do what it was designed to do so we’ll break it down a little bit more megaspore is step one of the total gut restoration and that is where we are coming in with five billus Spore strains to recondition the microbial population itself so essentially we’re revitalizing the garden we’re planting seeds for beautiful healthy vegetation that we want to see and what this is doing is creating foundational changes to the types of other microbes that live there so the spores are coming in and they are actually assessing the situation they’re communicating with the other microbes that are there and they’re saying okay we need more of you and we need less of you and what they release are things like natural antimicrobial substances antioxidants short chain fatty acids all things that are helping to crowd out species that should not be there and increase the species that should be there and um some of those keystone species which are the beneficial ones are acromania muil which I don’t know about you I’ve been seeing a lot of that on the wellness blogs and the health blogs lately faleria prit ey and then Bido bacteria and then step two is where we reinforce the changes that the megaspore has started to create and essentially we fertilize this garden with a Precision Prebiotic that selectively feeds the Kone species and what that means is that it’s not going to come in and accidentally also feed things that we don’t want to feed such as candid to yeast which you may have heard of so we are able to show with our research that this blend of oligosaccharides specifically feeds the beneficial guys that we’re trying to increase and then step three is where we are going to focus on rebuilding that gut lining and rebuilding that mucosal barrier with a product called Mega mucosa and this is a really unique product there’s actually nothing else like it on the market it combines immunoglobulins which bind and neutralize toxins I like to describe it as kind of taken out the trash amino acids which are responsible for increasing that muin to mucus layer and rebuilding the mucosal barrier and it’s been shown to do that by 95% after just 30 days of use and the Citrus polyphenols which are essentially antioxidants they help to further increase the short chain fatty acid production reduce that inflamation and also further support the microbial diversity so essentially the megaspore and the mega PRI are working in this area up here in the microbiome itself to help crowd out the path pathogens and reestablish that diverse population of good guys and then the mega mucosa is working down here to seal up any of these holes any of these degraded areas in that muin 2 thicken it back up again and then helps to rebuild and tighten up these Junctions down here in that barrier lining so that we essentially stop this nonsense down here from even St in so that’s really important.

Buddy Touchinsky 18:32-20:48

Let’s stay on a slide a second because one thing I want to point out here is earlier in my functional medicine uh career we’ll call it um it there was a big push at that time to do testing to find out which organisms that shouldn’t be there if they were present then we would go after them so that worked to a point but one thing I realized over the years was that if this is happening this leaky gut situation on the right and then you give a lot of antimicrobials whether it’s a prescription medication or it’s herbal antifungals antimicrobics what’ll happen is is that you kill off a bunch of this stuff but then you get all this junk that’s released and if you have a leaky gut that’s just going to tick off the immune system even more and overburden a system that’s probably not working so well to begin with because if people are seeing me they’re ill they’re sick especially a lot of them being chronically ill so what I had what what I found that happened um was that it would people would get a lot worse they would have quote unquote die off reactions which I think was really just like an overburden of stuff junk that was getting in through the through the gut and then causing then now their liver has to act their immune system has to act so what I came to the conclusion was um with this experience and with speaking with other experts in the field of uh the microbiome and gut health was that let’s build a system up first and a lot of times just by building up the system your body will take care of it so you get the megaspore in there you feed the good bacteria that are already in your system you help the mucos now your body’s you’re helping the your body fight the fight for itself which ultimately is better because we can pretend to know that berberine might specifically target that bad organism or this antibiotic might specifically target a certain bad bacteria but you’re still messing with your natural flora your own healthy microbiome so I love this approach a lot better because we’re we tend to get less of those people that really go downhill or have a major bad reaction uh to like an antimicrobial type of approach and then nine times out of 10 we don’t have to worry about testing or specifically going after a bad bug so to speak because the body takes care of itself.

Rachael Pontillo 20:48-25:20

Yeah I’m really glad you brought that up and you know again when people do come to you they’ve probably been struggling for a while they’ve probably tried a lot of things that haven’t worked and they probably are kind of sensitive and reactive so this is a way to really reestablish resilience in a person and again support the body to do what it was designed to do and that’s one of the things that I really love about the spores and the research shows that this happens is that the spores really do have an innate intelligence of their own and they work with your body’s own intelligence toreally create a customized approach so if they do find that there are too many pathogens they’re going to NE they’re going to release their own natural antimicrobial and antibacterial substances whereas if you come in with just antimicrobials and antibacterials like Dr chinsky just said you might end up doing more harm than good and causing more imbalance than was there in the first place this is really a customized approach to your own body which is another reason why I was attracted to working for this company and educating on this process okay, so we’ll go over dosing, and this is also something that Dr tuchinsky will customize for you, but this is the general recommendation, and by the way, it is printed on the inside of the total gut restoration protocol package if you do get the box so I’m saying um actually yeah so I mentioned Zen biome jeel here this is another product that can support it, but we’re going to talk about that another time, but the total gut restoration overall is a 3 to five month protocol and the reason I say that is because everyone tolerates things differently so we like to go low and slow by layering in the products one by one over time but depending on where you’re at you might tolerate something really quickly and then be able to add something else in sooner or if you’ve been struggling for a while and your system is really sensitive you might need that lower that lower and slower dosing so that’s why it says three to five months so like I said step one is your megaspore where we recommend starting with one cap every other day for the first week then working up to one cap daily for the second week and then weeks three four and Beyond you go with two caps daily and you’ll take that throughout the protocol and then starting around week five or maybe sooner you will start adding in the mega PRI with a half a dose it comes in a powder and a capsule um so half a scoop or three capsules mixed with 16 ounces of water and I do want to re to really um affirm here you’re going to want to drink a lot of water when you’re on this protocol because you want to flush out the toxins and you want this is a fiber supplement essentially so you want to make sure that you’re moving things out as we’re as we’re doing this work and then you’ll work up to that full dosage of one scoop mixed with 16 ounces of water or six caps and this can be taken with or without food the megaspore we do recommend taking with food and then step three is our Mega mucosa that comes in around week nine and we’re going to do the same thing as we did with the mega PRI starting in with a half a dose 16 ounces of water and then um or and then working up to the full dose so you’ll be taking by the end of the protocol you will be taking all three products simultaneously and um it’s up to you if you want to take them all together or if you want to maybe take one with one meal and one with another meal but uh most people do report best tolerance when it is taken with food so the kits themselves there’s a couple of different options you can get the kit of all capsules of megasport capsules with powders for the Mega PRI and mega mucosa you can mix and match powders and capsules for the Mega PRI and mega mucosa and then the products are also sold separately uh we do have gummies for the megaspore which are great for kids or adults we like to say they are adult friendly they’re very low sugar they taste really good they and then the megaspore also comes in capsules Mega PRI comes in capsules dairyfree capsules stick packs or powder Mega mucosa comes in capsules stick packs and powder and then we do have a product called symbiotic soft chewes which kind of looks and feels in the mouth like a Starburst candy and that is four of the spores from megasport and one of the oligosaccharides from the mega PRI so that’s also something that is a kid-friendly option.

Buddy Touchinsky 25:20-25:45

And we tend to carry the capsules in the office because that’s my personal preference first of all and second of all creating making a drink that’s that’s an extra step for a lot of people. With that said if you’re watching this and you prefer powders um just let us know here at the office and we can we can order that for you or sometimes we carry some of that stuff separately from the the megaspore um TGR kits.

Rachael Pontillo 25:45-26:10

I can also say the capsules you can break them open and add them to like a smoothie or something like that if you are kind of on pill fatigue they don’t have any flavors so you can do that but the powder that comes in the stick pack in the tubs they do have a natural flavor so that’s my shpeil for today so I’ll stop our screen share and Dr. Touchinsky is there anything else that you wanted to add?

Buddy Touchinsky 26:10-26:22

Yes, so I had a few questions that I wrote down here while you were talking um so you mentioned the choose there being good great for the kids at the end um is there an age like there any special considerations for children I’ll just ask it that way.

Rachael Pontillo 26:22-26:59

For children obviously depending on how old they are sometimes the gummies or the chews might be a choking hazard for kids you know three and and younger um so when it comes to Mega Sport and mega prga mucosa we do have specific pediatric dosing for that um that Dr. Touchinsky I can send you that information but um yeah everything is kid-friendly even for babies we do have megasport dosing uh baby’s not going to do the total gut restoration protocol itself, but for children over the age of four we do have Pediatric dosing for that.

Buddy Touchinsky 26:59-27:12

Great and is there is there anyone that you can think of that this would not be suitable for whether it’s a certain medical condition or issues they have going on or anything at all is that you not not good fit for

Rachael Pontillo 27:12-29:52

Yeah and I will say that when it comes to the idea of it not being a good fit I would say there’s no one that can’t benefit from this totally but there might be some customizations that you would work with them on to make this work for them so the oligosaccharides in the mega PRI one of them is derived from the corn cob so it’s not the corn kernel itself that gets digested that people have a sensitivity to sometimes it’s the cob so we really haven’t seen anyone have any sensitivity issues to that but if you have a legitimate allergy to Corn like you went to an allergist and it’s an IG corn allergy then you would not want to take the mega PRI um you would want to work with them on some other type of Prebiotic or fiber supplement but in most cases this is a very well tolerated product we do have the dairyfree option um the dairyfree option does not have the galactooligosaccharide which is dairy derived um but again it is the protein it’s not the lactose so if someone is lactose intolerant they probably can still tolerate the regular mega PRI but if they do have a legitimate milk allergy then they might not want to do the dairy one they would do the dairy free capsule instead and then with mega mucosa the immunoglobulins are serum bovine derived so they come from cow if you have a legitimate cow allergy and I know that’s that might sound silly but we are starting to see that more often because of that lone that lone star tick um which is traveling up into our area it’s not so much in the Lone Star State anymore so um it’s not super common we very rarely hear about it but it is something that if you do have a legitimate beef allergy you would not be able to take Mega mucosa because it’s got that the blend of IM immunoglobulins in it um and I would also say for that reason it is not going to be for someone who’s vegan or Halal or um probably even vegetarian for that matter so those would be the only options that would be like allergy or you know preference oriented and I would say if you have sibo small intestine bacterial overgrowth you would want to work with Dr TI chinsky to customize this protocol for you instead of going with mega PRI as the second second step uh you might Dr tiiny might want to rearrange the order of that for you and put that in at the very end and put the mega mucosa first so that would be an instance where it wouldn’t be contraindicated but it would be a protocol that would need to be customized

Buddy Touchinsky 29:52-31:16

Yeah with sibo it could cause some excess bloating maybe some constipation so we’d have to modify from there for sure um so uh just to give like an overview for those of you watching this because I’m going to include this in our patient portal in our in our programming so that if it’s suitable for you we’re going to share this and watch the video hope you learn a lot lot about what’s going on here and it’s more clear about why we recommended uh this program for you but we consider the total gut restoration program a foundational protocol something that’s going to help improve the health of virtually anyone’s gut so it’s nice to start with something like that pretty much no matter what what the person has going on in addition to our our foundational our base camp diet lifestyle changes so the process would be we would recommend this follow this for the three to five months however long it takes you to incorporate all three of those supplements in into your daily routine and then once we get to the end of that I guess a couple things could be happening one could be well let’s take best case scenario first you’re feeling great the guts feeling good whatever symptoms you’ve had coming into the program are now Improv improved so one question I have for Rachel here is what’s a good all right I feel good I’m getting the end of the program but I don’t want to keep taking all three of these supplements forever what’s a good kind of Maintenance uh plan for someone that’s gotten a lot out of it.

Rachael Pontillo 31:16-31:52

So that’s obviously what we want to happen we want you to feel great by the end of this but it is important to maintain those changes because you know we don’t live in a bubble we live in a toxic environment we do have stressful lives and we can’t always eat perfectly so it’s important to continue obviously doing the best you can with the diet and lifestyle changes but also with the supplements themselves you can back down usually to once or twice a week with the megaspore and then maybe once or twice a week with the mega PRI and mega mucosa and then even less frequently with the mega PRI and the mega mucosa as things continue to improve but that can also be customized for you.

Buddy Touchinsky 31:52-32:44

Perfect and sometimes I’ll recommend even alternating between the U the mega Spore by biotic and restore floor because you get a little probiotic and probiotic yeast like healthy yeast as well yes definitely that’s a good strategy so that’s option one it’s best case scenario maybe the not not so best case scenario is that you’re still having problems maybe you’re a lot better but you’re still you still think there’s more to get out of it you want to see more Improvement at that point we would recommend some specialized testing so um microbiome Labs has a test that they work with called the biome effects which gives us a bunch of information you can maybe just a little bit about that here in a second or we go food allergy testing because if you continue to have a lot of irritation in that gut lining sometimes we need to remove those foods for a period of time to help the gut lining heal even more but yeah let’s talk about the biome effects just briefly to give people an idea of of what that test does for us.

Rachael Pontillo 32:44-35:16

Yeah sure so this is a stool test and it’s a really easy stool test to follow it comes in a kit and essentially what it does is it utilizes some technology called whole genome sequencing to essentially sequence every single microb in your stool and what ends up in your stool that is what’s been in your GI tract it eventually comes out so it’s a really good representation of what’s going on in the microbiome so it’s going to show you what beneficial species are there as well as what some non-beneficial species are there it’s going to show you the amounts of those if there are some species that should be there but are not it’s going to show you that too and then it’s also going to show you what those species are doing in there so it doesn’t always help us to say hey we have too much of this and not enough of this you know what what what does that mean so we’re going to look at things like vitamin production our gut actually naturally produces certain vitamins that we need to be healthy such as your full spectrum of B vitamins and vitamin K2 which is actually really hard to get from the diet so we’re able to see is that happening efficiently and if it’s not happening efficiently that could explain some symptoms that might be occurring it’s also going to look at your short chain fatty acid production that’s happening naturally if you are experiencing symptoms of like gas bloating um pain anything like that it might explain you know if you have too many bacteria producing ammonia or methane or hydrogen sulfide it will tell us that information if you have um symptoms of estrogen dominance we can look at a marker called the estrobolome which looks at the microbes that are responsible for estrogen recycling in the body so we can see why that may or may not be the case and with all of that information about you know the function of this vitamin production hormone production neurotransmitters and so on and so forth we can really get a holistic look at the overall microbial environment in the person’s body and then with that uh Dr toshinsky will consult with you to give you really specific recommendations that might include some very specific Foods might include some very specific lifestyle modifications as well as some of the other supplements that are available which can offer more targeted therapeutic support.

Buddy Touchinsky 35:16-36:43

Yeah it’s a great it’s a fantastic test and if Money Was No Object we would run that on every single person even if they were feeling well it’s not something I do probably every other year so because you can see what’s happening um that you don’t necessarily feel and you can make some specific changes modifications to the diet incorporate a product or two um maybe avoid certain foods so it’s it’s really a great test but if you’re at the point where um maybe you want to maybe you’re just curious yep we can order the test fore it’s not a problem um but especially if you’re still having um some issues and you’re not quite where you want to be we can order that test like she said it’s a simple at home test provide the sample send it in in about three or four weeks uh we have received the results and it’s great with microbiome Labs we get a a clinical consultation with one of their experts who are looking at these things all day long every day and they really help us dive deep into your specific results and we can really come out of there with a custom tailored plan for you um so that would be the next step for people that are still struggling or as I said if you’re just curious like I am with a lot of these things um you can do the test and then we can make some improvements um and make things even even better so um wow we’ve packed in a lot of information have covered in way more than I thought and um even we got in the biome effects which is great because I love that test but um is there anything else that our our our patients here at Peak integrated medicine should know about the microbiome or about microbiome wbes that you that we may didn’t cover.

Rachael Pontillo 36:43-38:47

Yeah so I think it’s important to know that Microbiome Labs we are owned by a company called novaes one Health which is a raw ingredient supplier of bacterial strains and enzymes so we not only have access to the largest enzyme bank and second largest bacteria Bank in the world but we also have access to the research that shows exactly what those strains do individually and when you put them together so we do research so that you can be sure that you’re not being treated as the guinea pig of what happens if you combine this strain with this strain and add these other things we’ve already done that for you so that you can be certain that not only will things work the way we say they’re going to work but it’s not going to create potentially a more inflammatory environment and that’s something that we feel really strongly about as you know and as Dr chinsky said supplements are it can be kind of a jungle out there in terms of what claims are being made and what ingredients are being you know packed into a capsule without necessarily being tested to make sure that that’s a good idea we’ve done that for you so you can feel really safe and confident with our products and protocols that we’ve got your back and that you know we’re going to continue to innovate and research and create you know more supportive supplements down the road but everything we do is always going to Branch from the microbiome because that really is the foundation of good health for everyone without a healthy and diverse and well functioning microbiome and gut lining you’ve seen in the presentation today what can go wrong so that is what we do and we love supporting practitioners like Dr chachinsky to help you as the patient work this into your busy life in a way that is you know easy easy to follow along with so that you can benefit what it actually feels like to have your body working the way it should.

Buddy Touchinsky 38:47-39:44

Yes as any of our patients will say um often when I’m on I we have free calls with everyone before they join to learn more about how our practice operates since it’s a bit different than most most but um when people say that their primary complaint will be usually something else it’ll be thyroid issues it’ll be joint pain it’ll be fiom a lot of different things and I ask like well how’s your gut and when they say a mess I say don’t take this the wrong way but good because I know that’s something that we can reibly take care of with products such as these and with dialing and diet lifestyle so um yeah it’s a foundation of health and it’s something that’s super important so thanks again Rachel like I said a lot of packed a lot of information packed into this 4040 minute uh presentation here appreciate your time and sharing your expertise and if you’re watching this and you have any questions uh go ahead and send those my way send them to to me in the patient portal uh if you’re seeing this in our Facebook group you can go ahead and pop those in the comments below you to contact me ask away and we’ll get those questions answer for you so thanks again Rachel

Rachael Pontillo 39:44-39:48

My pleasure thank you for having me take care!

Amy McClintockAmy McClintock
18:18 01 Apr 24
Liz BrensingerLiz Brensinger
21:55 22 Mar 24
Buddy and his team care so much about each patient. They’re knowledgeable and listen to your concerns. Buddy is super helpful with explaining things so you understand and always willing to answer questions.
Rj SniderRj Snider
21:43 01 Feb 24
I have had the pleasure of getting to know Buddy and the team at PEAK. This could be a very long winded review due to all of the great things I have to say, but I will try to sum it up. The team at PEAK medicine are reinventing the way you should look at your health program. They have a full spectrum approach to the way you manage your health and it is one of the best programs in the country. I will stand behind those words! If you are considering, or are even the slightest bit interested in, getting healthier or want to pursue various health/nutrition goals.... you HAVE TO go visit with PEAK medicine and see what they can do for you. You will not be disappointed! Keep up the good work guys!
Mike GreenMike Green
17:03 01 Feb 24
I know the owner to be an individual that strives to continue to learn and grow professionally in order to better support his clients in their healing journey. Highly recommend Peak Integrative Med!
Libby GaffneyLibby Gaffney
17:55 20 Dec 23
Doctor Aucter helped my back injury after two visits. He was friendly, knowledgeable and skilled. I highly recommend him.
Dianna PrimmDianna Primm
19:32 29 Nov 23
Great place! I came here back in June upon the recommendation of Iron Mind Counseling as I was having very bad anxiety and health issues as well. They offer great comprehensive blood work and even pointed me towards a blood serum mycotoxin test as I knew I likely was having mold illness. From both blood works I got the confirmation that I really needed to jump on this! And I likely would have kept pushing it off and dealing with it with the doctors I had been seeing in the past who weren’t offering the right tests or treatments. I’m glad that by going here I have come to find that there is an affordable way to treat this and I don’t have to keep jumping through hoops! Highly recommend!
Lynda LuLynda Lu
17:10 29 Nov 23
I LOVE PEAK and all the staff. I have some challenges with anxiety and they are all so accommodating with me. They respond in a timely manner, I never feel rushed thru appointments and when I bring up a concern no matter how far fetched it might seem, they talk me thru why it could or couldn't be that issue. Highly recommend
Brian MoroneyBrian Moroney
17:03 29 Nov 23
While we do have our "regular" doctor/PCP with a large local health system, we have been delighted with PEAK and its staff and programs. They have helped us learn more about consequences of personal choices with nutrition, have a great medical staff and nutrition health coaches. If you are looking for supplemental medical help or even full time, this is the place to go. Along with Healthy Habits Organic store we have both attained better habits, better health outcomes and better understanding of how to properly monitor our health. Check them out.
Stephanie SStephanie S
17:21 29 Oct 23
I cannot say enough about Peak Integrative.This is the future of healthcare.Instead of just telling you what is wrong they actually look into what could be your issue and how to treat it instead of promoting some new off the wall pharmaceutical products to sell you in hopes you feel better. All starts with you and your body and the mindset.. First you do a discussion of your health and concerns. Bloodwork testing in all areas to see where to start and finding what could be wrong with you. Available chat sessions and very quick to respond to any issues you may have. Definitely try Peak . Maybe the game changer you need to a healthier and happy lifestyle.
blake dotteryblake dottery
09:02 12 Oct 23
Can't say enough about the incredible experience that I had today at Peak Integrative Medicine. The staff was extremely friendly and professional. Buddy Touchinsky was wonderful, he spent an ample amount of time going over options and making several suggestions to help my son. This practice deserves 10 stars!!! I highly recommend this practice.Kim Dottery
Annie TrexlerAnnie Trexler
13:42 10 Aug 23
My experience with PEAK has been awesome! This program is so informative and comprehensive! Any testing not only provides results, but solutions and complete understanding in order to tackle any imbalances before they become issues. This approach is a great way to manage wellness and overcome health concerns in a way our bodies can easily respond to. The practitioners here are fantastic! Everyone here is completely dedicated with their knowledge and personal, friendly commitment to helping every client achieve the best health possible. This is the best step I have on my wellness journey!!
Rachael HalyeRachael Halye
14:02 31 Jul 23
Peak Integrative Medicine is by far the best practice in the area. The facilities are beautiful and comfortable. I love not being rushed through appointments to meet a quota. I feel heard and understood. My other doctors have made me feel like my issues are in my head. Well, my in depth blood work panel says otherwise. Christin was very thorough during my intake appointment and made sure all of my concerns were addressed. Buddy has been great for Chiropractic care. The practice offers a large variety of treatment options worth checking out. Invest in your health before it’s too late!

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