The biggest frustration people have about healthcare is all the red tape keeping them from accessing care when they most need it.

And this does NOT ALWAYS have to be true.

There is another way…

A way that’s built for someone like you who values your health, your time, and the health of your family.

I want you to breathe a sigh of relief, because this sneak PEAK will change the way you think about healthcare.

Look, I get it.

You’re tired of the typical scenario that plays out when you or someone in your family needs a Doctor.. And it goes something like this:

You wake up on a Tuesday with sinus congestion that you know is more than just an average cold.  But your daughter has dance practice 3 days this week after school, and your in-laws are due to come in this weekend, and oh! … you can’t take any days off work because there’s just too much going on.

So you call your Doctor’s office and it takes forever to get an actual human on the phone to schedule an appointment… which won’t be for another few days.  And you’re forced to rearrange your schedule (which makes your headache even worse) because you have to go be seen in-person which you know isn’t going to be quick. And once you get to be seen, it’s literally for 8 minutes with your Provider who’s clearly running behind and stressed. 

So you squeeze in as many questions as you can, but of course because you were rushed during the appointment and forget to ask a few.  You leave with a script for medications that may or may not work.  Ensue the feelings of disappointment because you suffered all week only to be left feeling unsupported

But here’s the thing.

The system was built to do exactly THAT.. “symptom management”.

It’s a REACTIVE versus PROACTIVE approach to your health.

It’s a nasty cycle that always leaves you steps behind rather than in control of your healthcare.

Look, I get it.

You want to remain functional with such a busy life when you don’t feel good and have quick, easy access to your healthcare Provider WITHOUT being put on hold for 10 minutes, waiting DAYS for an appointment and suffering in a waiting room for an hour just to see your Provider for less than 10 minutes.

The truth is: you don’t have to rearrange your life just to see a Provider for REACTIVE care.

I’ve built another way at PEAK Integrative Medicine.

Proactive care boils down to the values, principles & training your Providers have.

If you were to become a member at PEAK, here’s how that above scenario would be different:

  1. You wake up feeling bad so you reach for your phone from bed and easily schedule an appointment for that day either in-person or ONLINE
  2. Walk into the office and get seen ON TIME
  3. Spend 30 MINUTES of uninterrupted time with your Provider
  4. Not only do you discuss a plan of action and how to implement it
  5. You actually WALK OUT of the clinic with the medication you need IN HAND, and no need to drive to the pharmacy and wait.
  6. You start feeling better by the next morning – and life can go.

Totally different, right?!

Then, imagine other “perks” of being a part of a very different type of practice.

Because your providers are proactive, they help you develop a personalized health plan to maximize your health and prevent issues from happening in the first place. This is the deeper work to uncover the root of the problem, and other ways to address it – and not just with the prescription of the month

Here’s what else you’d have direct access to:

  1. Expanded annual physicals
  2. Online educational courses on a variety of topics to live a healthy & fulfilled life
  3. Reminders about daily healthy habits
  4. In-person and virtual live classes with health experts
  5. Health coaching and Functional Nutrition
  6. High quality, Medical grade Nutraceutical Supplements
  7. Specialized health equipment like continuous glucose monitors, or CPAP
  8. Lab collection and blood draws in office
  9. Chiropractic Care without driving elsewhere
  10. Certified Functional Medicine Doctors who carry years of experience
  11. PLUS much, more more!

I don’t know about you, but I’m FIRED UP!

And I HAVEN’T EVEN told you the best part (yes! There’s more!)..

The best part IS OUR MISSION for PEAK Integrative Medicine..

Everything I mentioned is being offered at a highly affordable price.

I can’t wait to release our website with our pricing because when you compare it to out-of-pocket costs associated with insurance premiums, copays, and deductibles, you too will wonder why the rest of healthcare doesn’t operate this way.

We truly believe that an integrative approach to health care should be affordable and accessible to all people.

And we’re going to prove it.

So if you are excited to hear more.. stay tuned for my regular email updates.

I’ll be introducing you to our team of Rockstars PLUS a glimpse at our new website.

If you already know you want to be one of our founding members, watch for an upcoming email with an application that will allow you to pre-register.

We WILL have a waiting list.

The #1 action step you can take TODAY is to share this email.

I’m asking for your help in this because COMMUNITY is one of our CORE VALUES.

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Be at your PEAK,

Buddy Touchinsky, DC, CFMP

Founder and CEO, Peak Integrative Medicine

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