Whether you suffer from sudden temperature changes or have a child in public school that brings germs home each day, there is a way to fight back against the cold and flu each year. At PEAK Integrative Medicine, we want to see residents of Schuylkill County and Berks County survive the cold season unscathed.

A Lifestyle Approach To Your Health

Staying healthy through the cold and flu season starts with a proactive approach to your health and lifestyle. Remaining healthy during the cold and flu season can be accomplished through your diet, the vitamins and supplements that support your immune system, and other healthy life choices. This year, make cold prevention a top priority in your home.

If you are suffering from a cold right now, contact us! We provide family medicine that focuses on acute care like cold and flu. You can also learn about ways to recover from a cold or flu here.

PEAK’s Cold Season Immune Support Packet

Many of our members know how proactive we are at PEAK in caring for the people who come in our doors. Caring for you and your families in Schuylkill County and beyond, we have been asked multiple times: “What can I eat to boost my immune system?”, or “Do you recommend any supplements to boost our immune system?” We have a product through Designs For Health that we recommend and have available at our office location in Orwigsburg, PA.

The immune support packets contain ingredients that provide the following:

  • Antioxidants
  • Medicinal mushrooms
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B6
  • Along with other nutrients and botanical compounds to promote a healthy immune response and balance.

Purchase your immune support packets today!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your healthcare practitioner about your specific circumstances and any questions you may have. If you would like to discuss how PEAK can be your healthcare provider, go to www.gopeakmed.com.

Ways To Prevent Cold & Flu

There are many ways to avoid the cold and flu, all of which pertain to healthy habits. Some healthy habits directly connect to your diet and physical health. Other healthy habits are related to your actions and tasks you can accomplish regularly throughout the day like washing your hands, sneezing into your arm, or avoiding contact with people who are ill.

1. Change Your Diet To Prevent Cold & Flu

How can you change your diet to lower your chances of getting a cold?

  • Consume immune-boosting foods like yogurt, fruit, and veggies. Eating a balanced diet is so important to prevent colds.
  • Steer clear of alcohol and tobacco.
  • Drink water and liquids to stay hydrated.

2. Change Your Physical Activity To Prevent Cold & Flu

How can you change your physical activity to lower your chances of getting a cold?

  • Regularly perform aerobic workouts like running or swimming.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep regularly.

3. Change Your Daily Habits To Prevent The Cold & Flu

How can you change your daily habits to lower your chances of getting a cold?

  • Wash your hands often.
  • Avoid sharing personal belongings, especially objects that might come into contact with.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Sneeze into your shirt sleeve rather than your hands.
  • Avoid people who are sick.


While it may seem like we are yelling, this is one of the most vital actions you can take to prevent the spread of cold and flu. If you regularly forget, setting a daily reminder on your phone for specific times during the day is a good idea. Some of the best times to wash your hands regularly are when you arrive at home or work. Of course, after you go to the bathroom, it is a must.

Lifestyle Choices That Compromise Your Immune System

Just as there are healthy lifestyle choices you can make to prevent the cold and flu, there are ways you can compromise your health and immune system. If you do any of the following, it makes you more likely to get a cold during this season:

  • Nutrient Deficiencies: Lacking various vitamins and nutrients like vitamins A, B, iron, and zinc, among others, will severely limit your immune system.
  • Poor Dietary Habits: If you are continually deficient in vitamins and nutrients, it is likely you need to improve your diet.
  • Excessive Exercise: while it is good to maintain exercise in your lifestyle, it can be overdone.
  • Alcohol Abuse: Drinking alcohol excessively will compromise your immune system, so you experience more colds throughout the year.
  • Smoking & e-cigarettes: Smoking hinders your lungs and depletes your oxygen, all hindering your overall health and immune system.
  • Gut Microbial Imbalance: A microbial imbalance can cause your immune system to be compromised.
  • Sedentary Lifestyle: Have an office job where you are sitting all day? Don’t know the last time you exercised? Lack of exercise can lead to a weak immune system.
  • Continual Or Long-Term Stress: Stress majorly impacts your immune system. Undergoing continual stress will lead to a weak immune system and more colds.
  • Poor Sleeping Habits: Sleep will always be vital for a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you get a full night’s sleep.

Importance Of Immune Support For Preexisting Conditions & Chronic Illnesses

People with preexisting conditions need to focus on preventative steps to avoid experiencing more illnesses. Some preexisting conditions are if you have allergic asthma, an autoimmune condition, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes, food allergies, or if you are taking medication to suppress your immune system to avoid organ/tissue transplant rejection.

Contact PEAK To Prevent The Cold & Flu In Your Home

We would love to help your family remain healthy and avoid getting sick during the cold season. At PEAK, we are equipped to guide your lifestyle so you can reach PEAK wellness and avoid needless colds. When you or a family member does succumb to illness, we are here to help. Become a member with us today.

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