How many times has your Provider referred you to mental health AND it’s been easy to see someone asap??

Most of the time, people don’t even follow through because it’s just too hard to get in or they don’t like the typical “sit on the couch” therapy.

After practicing functional medicine over the last 10 years, running weight loss programs I know that BEHAVIOR CHANGE is the most common thing that keeps people from feeling better.

But that’s not where the buck stops.

Not wanting to change how you eat, move and cope with stress, all have a root cause in and of themselves, such as:

  • Mindset, such as subconscious conditioning and programming
  • Triggers from history of abuse and trauma
  • Legitimate mental health disorders

I think you already get the vibe that at Peak Integrative Medicine, we truly believe in a holistic approach versus a “pill for every ill.”

And EVEN “a natural supplement for every ill” which is STILL a band-aid.

So we are introducing a service for our members that will blow their mind.

As part of our membership, they will receive access to complimentary group visits with a mental health counselor and a high performance coach every month, as well as access to discounted indivudal sessions as needed. 

That’s right.  We threw in mental health AND high performance coaching from our mental health counselor, Dr. Liana, and myself.

Now, you know me, I didn’t partner up with just ANY mental health counselor.

I asked Kenny Knittle MA, NCC, LPC of IRONMind Counseling & Coaching to team up with us.

Here’s a short bio about Kenny:

My name is Kenny and I have lived in Schuylkill County for over 15 years with my wife Lori and my two children. I have enjoyed meeting so many amazing people here and I was so excited to open a business to offer great mental health services to our community!

I founded IRONmind Counseling and Coaching in 2019. The goal was to offer the local community an additional outlet for mental health services and sports and wellness coaching. When I was building my business Buddy helped guide me during development and has been a fellow supporter of whole health. We say great minds tend to flock together. When he told me about his idea for PEAK Integrative Medicine, I thought it was an amazing concept and it is just what we need!

Through my experiences working in acute hospital settings, community based mental health, group and private practices, I came to value and appreciate the mind-body connection and how important it is to “exercise” and “fuel” the brain. All too often I see anxiety, depression, low self-worth and struggles with confidence which builds over time until it is so overwhelming it impacts a person’s daily life.

I believe there is a better way for mental health: I call it mental fitness. Which is developing healthy habits mentally and physically in several areas of our lives with a goal of increasing resilience for whatever life throws at us.

When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my family. I have also coached for several years with the Blue Mountain Soccer Club, Orwigsburg Little League and West Schuylkill Soccer Club. My current coaching role as a USA Triathlon Level 1 coach gives me the opportunity to work with athletes from all over the country and has increased my knowledge in the areas of fitness and nutrition. I am also an avid racer. You may see me at a local 5k and I have also completed an Ironman.

PEAK sits at the foot of Muhammad Ali’s training camp and I’ll share one of my favorite quotes from the GOAT: “It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.” ~Muhammad Ali

And here are his areas of expertise that he’s bringing to Peak Integrative Medicine:

We’re serious when we say we want our members THRIVING and not just surviving. We really want you to have the whole package as you take your health to the next level.

Need I say more?

We want you to win.  In all aspects of life.

Now I want to hear from you.. Be honest.  Do you think this will help you? If so, how?

Click Here and let me know!!


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