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Christin is our family nurse practitioner and is our provider for family medicine and acute care for adults, as well as helping out with acute care for kids 3 on up. She has experience in psychiatry, emergency medicine, and primary care, which allows her to serve a wide variety of patient needs. She is able to manage an array of chronic diseases, medication management, and treat acute illnesses/injuries. She can perform IV therapy, PAPs, joint and trigger point injections, and wound care in addition to traditional family medicine services.

Getting To Know Christin Kellett

You know Christin’s function within PEAK Integrative Medicine, but just as we want to know you personally, we would love for you to get to know us personally. Knowing you by name rather than treating you like a number is how PEAK seeks to be a family practice focused on you, your family, and your health.

Where Is Christin From?

Christin was born and raised in Schuylkill County. She attended Blue Mountain from elementary to graduation. Afterwards, Christin moved to West Reading while attending nursing school at Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences. Then moved back to her own apartment in Schuylkill Haven. She moved 5 years ago to her home, technically in Auburn, PA.

What Does Christin Do In Her Free Time?

Life outside of work consists of hiking, riding our side by side (ATV), riding our motorcycle, kayaking. Anything outdoors. Christin loves to travel to new hiking adventures, especially if there are waterfalls involved.

“I am married to my amazing husband Shawn, no kids… yet! I do have fur babies. 2 pitbulls that travel with us every where. They love hiking too. I am a big family oriented person. Most of my family lives close and I definitely wouldn’t have accomplished what I have if it wasn’t for them.”

Christin’s biggest achievement is how far she has come in her healthcare career, from starting as a bedside nurse right out of high school, to earning her NP degree, and now being certified as an integrative health practitioner.

What Is Christin’s Favorite Meal?

Grilled chicken fajitas with a lettuce wrap (homemade fajita seasoning, mushrooms, peppers, spinach).

Christin’s Personal Goals For This Year

Christin’s personal goal is walk/run 1,000 miles by the end of the year.

Christin’s Work Related Goals For This Year

Christin ‘s work-related goal is to finish her courses and become competent to focus on functional medicine related to hormonal health (thyroid, reproduction, etc).

What Is Christin’s Superpower & Favorite Thing To Do At PEAK

“My favorite thing to do at PEAK is focus on preventative medicine. I absolutely love seeing the results our patients see, even after just 6 weeks of basecamp. I love being able to be their biggest fan as they go through the challenges of the 6 week lifestyle change. I like to focus on baby steps and small victories with weight loss, inflammation, mood and sleep. Seeing these results and the sense of accomplishment patients feel when they successfully complete this 6 weeks is definitely gives me the most satisfaction in my job. I hope my superpower is to be the light at the end of the tunnel for patients. I want them to not give up and keep pushing to better themselves because of the inspiration I was able to provide them.”

How Long Has Christin Worked In Healthcare/Health & Wellness

Christin has worked in the healthcare field since 2012.

Why Did Christin Decide To Go Into The Health & Wellness Field?

“Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a nurse. I always wanted to help people feel better after my grandfather passed away from ALS.”

What Does Christin Like Most About Integrative Medicine

“Integrative medicine became my calling more recently. After working in conventional medicine for many years, I felt like something was missing. Integrative medicine truly focuses on the whole patient, not just a part or a disease. It helps us find the root cause of a problem, rather than focusing on medication for symptom relief. I love that I can teach about health, wellness and preventative medicine at every visit. I love the chiropractic aspect of it as well, I wish I would’ve known the extent of chiropractic care when I first started in medicine. “

Who Is Christin’s Hero Or Person Who Inspires Her?

“I would say my biggest mentor, leading me to this functional medicine journey is my friend Allyssa. A few years ago, I was connected with her due to my poor dietary and lifestyle habits. I was tired and miserable. I met with her quite a few times to start to be the healthiest version of myself. I always admired her functional medicine knowledge, the way she communicated to people about health and wellness, and the way she truly followed what she believed in. Her empathy resonated with me. She truly wants to spread the word of functional medicine and help anyone and everyone she can. She is consistently learning more and is willing to share her knowledge. She handles herself with grace when people on social media question functional medicine. Once I started seeing results in myself, she pushed me to go for my certification and spread my wings away from conventional medicine. She has been supportive every step of the way as I joined PEAK. As I practice now, I try to resemble the way she truly listens to a patient, sympathizes with them, and go above and beyond to help our patients feel better.”

Christin’s Note To You

“Although, I’ve been in the healthcare field for many years, I can truly say that I haven’t always focused on my own health and wellness. Before I started my dedication to health and wellness, my overall well being was poor, I lived on no sleep and caffeine due to working overtime in an emergency department. I constantly lived in a high stress state between work, school, and the internal stressors of poor lifestyle choices. My passion is to be the support person and mentor for people who are struggling with stress, sleep, weigh gain, etc. It’s not easy to put yourself first, but the health benefits you obtain from it will literally change your life. Every person at PEAK is here to help you every step of the way, and we celebrate those small victories just like you!”


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