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Unleash Your Full Potential with Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Are you ready to reclaim your vitality, energy, and zest for life? At PEAK Integrative Medicine, we understand the transformative power of balanced hormones. Our 6-month Hormone Optimization Program is tailored for both men and women in mid-life seeking a comprehensive, integrative approach to their health and wellness. Led by the seasoned functional medicine Doctor, Dr. Liana Rodriguez D.O., we are committed to guiding you towards a harmonious and vibrant life.

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What is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement?

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy involves the use of hormones that are identical in molecular structure to those naturally produced by your body. This personalized treatment approach can help alleviate the symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances, offering a holistic solution for optimized well-being.

Amy McClintockAmy McClintock
18:18 01 Apr 24
Liz BrensingerLiz Brensinger
21:55 22 Mar 24
Buddy and his team care so much about each patient. They’re knowledgeable and listen to your concerns. Buddy is super helpful with explaining things so you understand and always willing to answer questions.
Rj SniderRj Snider
21:43 01 Feb 24
I have had the pleasure of getting to know Buddy and the team at PEAK. This could be a very long winded review due to all of the great things I have to say, but I will try to sum it up. The team at PEAK medicine are reinventing the way you should look at your health program. They have a full spectrum approach to the way you manage your health and it is one of the best programs in the country. I will stand behind those words! If you are considering, or are even the slightest bit interested in, getting healthier or want to pursue various health/nutrition goals.... you HAVE TO go visit with PEAK medicine and see what they can do for you. You will not be disappointed! Keep up the good work guys!
Mike GreenMike Green
17:03 01 Feb 24
I know the owner to be an individual that strives to continue to learn and grow professionally in order to better support his clients in their healing journey. Highly recommend Peak Integrative Med!
Libby GaffneyLibby Gaffney
17:55 20 Dec 23
Doctor Aucter helped my back injury after two visits. He was friendly, knowledgeable and skilled. I highly recommend him.
Dianna PrimmDianna Primm
19:32 29 Nov 23
Great place! I came here back in June upon the recommendation of Iron Mind Counseling as I was having very bad anxiety and health issues as well. They offer great comprehensive blood work and even pointed me towards a blood serum mycotoxin test as I knew I likely was having mold illness. From both blood works I got the confirmation that I really needed to jump on this! And I likely would have kept pushing it off and dealing with it with the doctors I had been seeing in the past who weren’t offering the right tests or treatments. I’m glad that by going here I have come to find that there is an affordable way to treat this and I don’t have to keep jumping through hoops! Highly recommend!
Lynda LuLynda Lu
17:10 29 Nov 23
I LOVE PEAK and all the staff. I have some challenges with anxiety and they are all so accommodating with me. They respond in a timely manner, I never feel rushed thru appointments and when I bring up a concern no matter how far fetched it might seem, they talk me thru why it could or couldn't be that issue. Highly recommend
Brian MoroneyBrian Moroney
17:03 29 Nov 23
While we do have our "regular" doctor/PCP with a large local health system, we have been delighted with PEAK and its staff and programs. They have helped us learn more about consequences of personal choices with nutrition, have a great medical staff and nutrition health coaches. If you are looking for supplemental medical help or even full time, this is the place to go. Along with Healthy Habits Organic store we have both attained better habits, better health outcomes and better understanding of how to properly monitor our health. Check them out.
Stephanie SStephanie S
17:21 29 Oct 23
I cannot say enough about Peak Integrative.This is the future of healthcare.Instead of just telling you what is wrong they actually look into what could be your issue and how to treat it instead of promoting some new off the wall pharmaceutical products to sell you in hopes you feel better. All starts with you and your body and the mindset.. First you do a discussion of your health and concerns. Bloodwork testing in all areas to see where to start and finding what could be wrong with you. Available chat sessions and very quick to respond to any issues you may have. Definitely try Peak . Maybe the game changer you need to a healthier and happy lifestyle.
blake dotteryblake dottery
09:02 12 Oct 23
Can't say enough about the incredible experience that I had today at Peak Integrative Medicine. The staff was extremely friendly and professional. Buddy Touchinsky was wonderful, he spent an ample amount of time going over options and making several suggestions to help my son. This practice deserves 10 stars!!! I highly recommend this practice.Kim Dottery
Annie TrexlerAnnie Trexler
13:42 10 Aug 23
My experience with PEAK has been awesome! This program is so informative and comprehensive! Any testing not only provides results, but solutions and complete understanding in order to tackle any imbalances before they become issues. This approach is a great way to manage wellness and overcome health concerns in a way our bodies can easily respond to. The practitioners here are fantastic! Everyone here is completely dedicated with their knowledge and personal, friendly commitment to helping every client achieve the best health possible. This is the best step I have on my wellness journey!!
Rachael HalyeRachael Halye
14:02 31 Jul 23
Peak Integrative Medicine is by far the best practice in the area. The facilities are beautiful and comfortable. I love not being rushed through appointments to meet a quota. I feel heard and understood. My other doctors have made me feel like my issues are in my head. Well, my in depth blood work panel says otherwise. Christin was very thorough during my intake appointment and made sure all of my concerns were addressed. Buddy has been great for Chiropractic care. The practice offers a large variety of treatment options worth checking out. Invest in your health before it’s too late!

Recognize the Signs: Hormone Imbalance, Andropause, and Menopause

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance May Include:

  • Persistent Fatigue: Feeling drained despite adequate rest.
  • Mood Swings: Experiencing sudden emotional shifts and irritability.
  • Cognitive Fog: Difficulty focusing, reduced mental clarity.
  • Weight Management Challenges: Struggling to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Sleep Disruption: Insomnia or irregular sleep patterns.

Embrace Hormone Change with Confidence:

  • Andropause (Male Menopause): Male hormonal shifts leading to symptoms like decreased libido, muscle mass reduction, and mood fluctuations.
  • Menopause: A natural transition for women, characterized by symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and changes in menstrual cycles.

Experience the PEAK Difference:

Dr. Liana Rodriguez brings a wealth of experience in functional medicine, combining conventional and alternative approaches to your healthcare. Our integrative, holistic approach ensures you receive personalized care that considers your unique biochemistry and lifestyle.

Enroll in Our Hormone Optimization Program:

  • Initial Visit & Hormone Panels: Comprehensive evaluation of your hormonal status.
  • Personalized Treatment Plan: Dr. Liana will determine your candidacy based on lab results.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Your initial visit fee will be applied to the program fee, which can be paid in full or used as a deposit for monthly payments.
  • Six-Month Journey to Balance: Enjoy up to 3 follow-up visits with Dr. Liana and specialized labs for precise dosage adjustments.
  • Stabilize and Thrive: Typically within 6 months, you’ll find the optimal dosage.
  • Monthly Membership Option: Once stabilized, transition to a convenient monthly membership for continued monitoring and prescription renewal every 6 months.

Your Hormone Therapy Journey Begins Now!

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey towards hormone optimization? Take the first step towards your vibrant, balanced life. Contact us today to schedule your initial visit and let’s embark on this exciting path together.

Disclaimer: Results may vary. Please consult with Dr. Liana Rodriguez D.O. to determine your suitability for Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.

Treating Hormone Imbalances

When you have a hormone imbalance, the symptoms can manifest in a variety of ways depending on your own personal health. One common symptom of hormone imbalances is feeling constantly fatigued and tired. Hormone imbalance can also lead to depression unexplained weight loss, or weight gain.

Many men or women who experience hormone imbalance know that something is not correct or healthy with their bodies, but they are unable to explain precisely what the problem is. This leads to a lot of doctor’s offices turning them away or simply prescribing a drug that might help or hinder your health.

When you work with us at PEAK, we will seek to determine the root cause of your hormone imbalance. Then, we can heal this imbalance naturally. Sometimes all you need is a diet change, exercise, or specific vitamin supplements. Our IV therapy or PEMF therapy can be helpful in the process of balancing your hormones. Contact us if you are not feeling healthy, and we can run some tests to determine if you are suffering from hormone imbalances.


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