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Our Additional Services

PEAK Integrative Medicine offers a wide range of medical services. Our care is personalized and focused on treating you so you can be healthy again. We are reinventing primary health care. With a focus on functional medicine and lifestyle medicine, we have experience helping people with chronic diseases that can’t find the help and support that is needed. We can’t wait to work with you so you can reach PEAK wellness.

Single Service (Urgent Care)

Health Coaching

CDL/DOT exams

We’re reinventing primary healthcare, and guiding you to peak wellness.”


What We Offer

Wellness & prevention

Everyday care


Chronic condition care

Care for families and children

Mental & emotional health

Specialist & surgery referral

Commercial Drivers License exams

Sports Physicals

Allergy testing and treatment


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We believe in 100% transparent pricing, so let’s talk about what is included in our membership plans, how we work with those that have health insurance (98% of our patients do), and any other anticipated costs that may apply to your individual situation and health goals.


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