Medical Director, is an Osteopathic Physician, certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine and board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, and a United States Air Force Veteran. Dr. Liana is a leader in Medicine, Business Coaching as a Practice Success Coach, and entrepreneurship. She helps patients focus on addressing the root cause of chronic lifestyle-related conditions instead of treating them with a band-aid.
In her practice, she meets her patients where they’re at to guide and empower them to implement the concepts of functional health and personal development to lead a fulfilled life.

Getting To Know Liana Rodriguez

You know Liana’s function within PEAK Integrative Medicine, but just as we want to know you personally, we would love for you to get to know us personally. Knowing you by name rather than treating you like a number is how PEAK seeks to be a family practice focused on you, your family, and your health.

Where Is Liana From?

From NYC, Medical School in Florida

What Does Liana Do In Her Free Time?

Liana lives by the beach in sunny Florida, and the beach is where she spends a lot of time with her dog Ginger. Outside the clinic, Liana is a Business & Subconscious Marketing™️ Coach where she uses Nervous System Regulation & Human Design to help female Entrepreneurs sustain success in their business. She has an internationally top-ranked podcast called Sustain Your Success.

What Is Liana’s Favorite Meal?

Iced Vanilla Coffee Medical Food Protein Shake – Dairy Free, Sugar Free.

Liana’s Personal Goals For This Year

Hiking in Sedona.

Liana’s Work Related Goals For This Year

Run a Women’s Business Retreat

What Is Liana’s Superpower & Favorite Thing To Do At PEAK

Liana’s superpower is Functional Medicine & connecting the dots for patients about their bloodwork.

How Long Has Liana Worked In Healthcare/Health & Wellness

Liana has been working in healthcare since 2008.

Why Did Liana Decide To Go Into The Health & Wellness Field?

Liana was bored working as a Molecular Biologist and wanted to work with people.

What Does Liana Like Most About Integrative Medicine

A holistic approach is the way health has always been addressed for thousands of years.

Who Is Liana’s Hero Or Person Who Inspires Her?

“My mom is my hero. I aspire to be as loving, kind and wise as she is.”

Liana’s Note

“I have a dog named Ginger Rogers who is from a rescue in Lehigh County. She was found homeless in Philadelphia and very sickly. I used functional nutrition to help her put on weight and grow back her fur. (most of the patients have seen ginger on zoom calls since I see people virtually)”


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