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Stacey Matukewicz, Patient Concierge

Stacey Matukewicz is the first person you will meet when you walk through the doors of PEAK Integrative Medicine. Her work is invaluable to the function and development of PEAK. She gets to know you and relates closely to your struggle. She has worked in the healthcare field for over 11 years and loves seeing people struggling with chronic health issues finally reach PEAK wellness.

Getting To Know Stacey Matukewicz

You know Stacey’s function within PEAK Integrative Medicine, but just as we want to know you personally, we would love for you to get to know us personally. Knowing you by name rather than treating you like a number is how PEAK seeks to be a family practice focused on you, your family, and your health.

Where Is Stacey From?

Stacey grew up in Breinigsville, PA (Lehigh County) and graduated from Northwestern Lehigh in 1999 (was in National Honor Society). She met her husband and moved to Schuylkill Haven in 2003.

What Does Stacey Do In Her Free Time?

On weekends Stacey enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going to her son’s high school baseball games or catching a MLB game. Spending time playing with their 3 dogs Fenway (English Bulldog), Yeli (Boxer) and Griffey (Boxer) as well as taking the dogs on walks.

What Is Stacey’s Favorite Meal?

Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry.

Stacey’s Personal Goals For This Year

Taking better care of her health.

Stacey’s Work Related Goals For This Year

Improving her work-life balance.

What Is Stacey’s Superpower & Favorite Thing To Do At PEAK

“It is satisfying to see a patient walk through the door feeling hopeless and feel like they have exhausted all of their possible options of ever feeling better (been from specialist to specialist with the problem not being resolved), and we take the extra time to dive deep into finding the root problem of a patient’s issue through extensive testing, bloodwork etc that other doctor’s would not order, and get them feeling better and giving them their quality of life back!”

How Long Has Stacey Worked In Healthcare/Health & Wellness

Stacey has worked in the healthcare related field since 2012.

What Does Stacey Like Most About Integrative Medicine

“I like that integrative medicine puts the patient as top priority and treats the whole body.”

Who Is Stacey’s Hero Or Person Who Inspires Her?

“My hero is my mom! A few years ago, she battled cancer and kept on getting beaten down but still somehow found the strength to keep on fighting back day after day even on days where she felt like she didn’t have the strength to fight back. I am proud to say she is cancer free now, and she is just a strong and brave woman. She had a hard journey for a few years, but always kept that positive outlook and I just admire how strong she was during her fight.”

Stacey’s Note To You

“I have suffered with migraines and chronic headaches since elementary school. I have been to several neurologists, and on every medication combination you can probably think of but no one was ever able to get to the root of what was causing these headaches/migraines. All testing always came back negative. After Dr. Buddy worked to get to the root of these migraines, we figured out the biggest factor of what was triggering them was the foods I was eating. This was figured out after doing an elimination diet and also doing a healthy eating lifestyle for 6 weeks and not eating foods high in fats, carbs, sugar etc. Prior to Dr. Buddy helping me, I just felt like I was a guinea pig at these neurologists and just throwing me on “cocktails” of different medications month after month with not getting any relief.”


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