Join Dr. Touchinsky from PEAK Integrative Medicine and Jenna Richardson of Princeton Integrative Health as they discuss the million-dollar question of, “I know what I need to do to get healthy and feel good, BUT WHY CAN’T I JUST DO IT?!”

Jenna will walk us through a transformation exercise during this session to help viewers understand more about what’s holding them back and what can be done to overcome obstacles.
Jenna is a Rapid Transformational Therapist. To learn more, go here:

(00:01-00:22) Buddy Touchinsky
All right hello everyone Welcome to our live session here we’re here with Jenna Richardson and we’re going to talk about the root causes of why we get stuck in our own head sometimes and why even though we know what changes need to be made and we know we need to do certain things that is sometimes really really hard to get ourselves to do those things so welcome Jenna!

(00:22-00:25) Jenna Richardson
Thank you excited to be here!

(00:25-02:35) Buddy Touchinsky
Awesome! So it’s gonna be a really good session uh this is probably one of the most common questions I get from our members here at Peak integrative medicine is that they have all the tools to they have all the knowledge they know what they need to be doing and they might even do that they might even make the change for a few weeks but then they fall off track they feel disgusted with themselves they get frustrated and then they find it hard to get get rolling again or they can’t even get started in the first place so today we’re going to talk about why that happens and hopefully we’re going to learn from Jenna here some at least some initial strategies on how to make some of these changes in our own minds in order to to to perhaps motivate ourselves or find find the uh the the ambition find the drive to make those changes and then stick with them so just to give a little background on Jenna uh her and I met was it like four or five years ago now at least yeah I was in a functional medicine um mentorship group that we’re still involved in and uh we both started our functional medicine journey and our practices around that same time as well and so we got to know each other really well and uh she put on a great presentation for all of our providers in that group about a month ago now and then also I posted in that group because I know we had some people in our in our practice with some challenges around making those changes and she shared a lot of good input so I invited her on a live session with us here today to talk more about that so um a lot of good stuff to go over and I want to make sure we have plenty of time to to to go over everything so I’m going to turn it over here to Jenna in a second but if you’re here live hitting manages that you’re here you can ask questions as we go along if those aren’t addressed as Jen is speaking uh we’ll go back through those uh during uh breaks in in the session so at the very least at the very end we’ll definitely go over those so if you’re watching the replay go ahead and type your questions in as well and uh myself and then Jenna will monitor the chat afterwards and we can answer those by replying to those comments so Jenna I want to return this over to you because I don’t want to waste any more time at all I want to dive right into it so uh the floor is yours

(02:35-51:00) Jenna Richardson
Thank you so much Dr. Buddy um hi everyone thanks so much for having me on today um so what we’re going to talk about today is kind of near and dear to my heart because I was somebody who was always kind of stuck in this vicious cycle of what we call a self-sabotage um kind of chronic overachiever yet chronic procrastination and had to come to terms with like done is better than perfect but that didn’t occur until more recently in my life as an entrepreneur um so as Dr Buddy had mentioned we’d known each other for a long time um one of the way that the ways that we got introduced to each other is we both live breathe this functional medicine realm the whole foundational elements of health and well-being and we’ve been in this space for quite a while I co-founded a place called Princeton Integrative Health here in Princeton New Jersey which is very similar to Peak integrative and so you know our philosophies and our approaches really align and the whole concept of root cause is really something that has been been fundamental and foundational to the way that we engage and practice medicine Health Wellness well-being so my journey has been kind of interesting and the way that I came into the space of um you know subconscious mindset and empowerment around that is just a journey of understanding what does it mean to be truly healthy and well and so when we think about health and wellness we tend to think about the physical aspect but that’s really just kind of what I almost Envision as like the base of the pyramid so if we’re building like a foundational structure on a base it’s going to be that physical health and well-being on top of that I would consider physiology so things like hormones and neurotransmitters and all of the chemical stuff that’s helping to communicate and direct the body to function in the way that it needs to the next level on top of that pyramid if you’re thinking about it like that would be emotional so we all I think understand the value of emotional and mental health and wellness I think even more so now right than we did even like three to four years ago everyone’s struggling with something as a result of the chaos of the last few years so that’s become a bit of an epidemic I think for the world in which we live unfortunately and then at the peak of that pyramid is what I would consider energetic so I don’t want to get crazy woo-woo on you I’m not like a super woo-woo person um I’m actually very type a very science forward um that’s kind of been my background but one of the things that I recognize was missing in the journey toward Optimal Health and well-being was this kind of energetic component so not just energy from the standpoint of mitochondrial energy production but also our energy how we show up in the world we’re you know in the Physical Realm as well as you know if you believe above and beyond that kind of the quantum or spiritual space so in order to actually be healthy and well all of these things as we know need to be in Balance right we must be whole we must be feeding off of and into each and every level of this in order to be at ease and not in dis-ease and when we are in dis ease or dysfunction that’s a really tough place to be because everything feels off we don’t feel well we don’t function well we don’t think well our brain doesn’t work well our mind doesn’t work well we don’t move well we can’t work well we don’t connect with people well like nothing works because we’re not well we’re living in this this state of disease and dysfunction and thank goodness for places like Peak integrative and Princeton Integrative Health and Dr Buddy and his team and my team um because we’re doing this amazing root cause work and we’ve gotten really really good at tapping into the physical roots and even the physiologic routes we’ve got super cool testing that takes a look at that stuff and even in really kind of a conscious way the emotional and the energetic piece of things but what I noticed in our journey so we’ve been in practice six going on seven years is that through that process there were still people still patients that were stuck they were still suffering they were seemingly unable to get out of their own way repeating the same pattern showing up with the same challenges and you know these were people as Dr Buddy said they may come in they show up they do the work or at least some of that and yet they still aren’t improving they’re not healing they’re not getting the results that they or we expect and so I began to wonder because this is how our brains function what’s at the root of that right so now don’t get me wrong we also have the people who don’t show up don’t do the work etc and there’s a story there too so what’s the route that’s kind of keeping them from doing the work but um the other aspect is I also do a lot of business coaching mostly for doctors health and wellness entrepreneurs and in doing that I started to see the same issues so they say they want it they show up for it they put in the time the effort the energy but there’s something missing there’s something in their way of kind of stepping into their power and purpose so what is that and yes you know both in the practice as well as in my coaching realm we incorporate the coaching and the accountability and the frequent touch points and the guidance and really all the things for someone to be successful on their Optimal Health Journey and yet we still have these people who struggle they suffer they stay suck they stay stuck so the big question is why so you’re probably noticing my unique curiosity I’m just I’m one of these people who’s always asking questions ever since I was you know gay high and could begin to to speak my mind but we’re always digging deeper and that’s what we do in the functional medicine realm I describe it kind of as peeling back the onion so I think it’s kind of a somewhat annoying superpower that I have and I’m guessing Dr Buddy probably has too I think everyone who gets into this field we have this kind of um innate curiosity this constant questioning critical thought process I am aware that it can sometimes sound like an irritating three-year-old I have two young kids so it’s you know the why the why the why the why um but let’s talk about that which Lies Beneath so where the peeling of the onion got me to in this process was initially mindset and that was a really easy target so you know these folks just don’t have the right mindset they’re not in it to win it they don’t really want it enough they aren’t ready for it it was a super easy excuse but I didn’t really believe that like at my core I really just didn’t believe that I mean yes you have those people right you have those people but these were people that were like really committed they showed up they invested they did the right stuff so in our practice we started to implement some more mindset stuff some mindful meditation and you know some some exercises to help to support mindset and that was good it was nice people appreciated it but it wasn’t really doing the job the same folks still just remain stuck and frustrated and stagnant they just couldn’t move forward and there’s a ton of work out there on mindset if you jump onto any social media platform you know you have people talking about mindset left and right it’s really been all the buzz I would say for the last several years and we see it especially in the health and wellness space because that is important don’t get me wrong you know it’s important to show up in a positive way to show up with a growth mindset to be ready to do the work and make the choice and create the change it’s all really important but unfortunately it’s not really the root cause of what we’re talking about here today the cause of that stuffness or that self-sabotage and the reason for that is because mindset it’s a conscious thing so it’s a collection of conscious attitudes that someone holds that really determines how he or she perceives the world so the mind is kind of split into two key components we have the conscious mind that controls you know everything that we’re aware of our thinking you know like some of our thought processes and decision making and rationalizing and logic and some of those things but we have the subconscious mind that actually kind of lives beneath the surface and when you look at those two things what we see it’s almost like I’ve seen the the image of an iceberg so you have this like Iceberg sticking out of the water and the conscious mind is just that tip of the iceberg so the the estimates I’ve heard in kind of the scientific literature is that that conscious piece is only about three to five percent whereas the subconscious piece is anywhere from 95 to 97 so it’s a really big piece that kind of Lies below the surface so let’s dig further um again always peeling back that onion so you know we have this the set of attitudes and I’m not talking about the thing that your sassy hands teenager may show up and give you when you you know you ask them to take out the trash what I’m talking about is like an attitude being a settled way of thinking or feeling about something so we form attitudes about things and typically that attitude is reflected in a person’s Behavior so attitudes impact Behavior makes sense but what forms the attitude our attitude is actually created by our thoughts and consciously most of the time we’re able to choose our thoughts and this is really where if you get out go down that path of exploring mindset and how to shift mindset that’s really what it’s all about it’s choosing to make different thoughts so that’s important that impacts your attitude and which then impacts how you show up in the world your behavior so that’s the conscious part but remember that iceberg that lies below the surface we’re not really there yet we’re again chipping away at that so there’s more so we have these thoughts that are thought over and over again and those thoughts that are recurring repeating really ingrained in US those are our beliefs and those go even deeper they’re really buried down beneath that surface level and there’s something even more powerful down there it’s more than just mindset it’s more than just these beliefs on their own but it’s really down deep in the depths of the subconscious mind which again as I said makes up about 95 to 97 percent of who we are so it’s our beliefs and our values our memories our perception and truly informs our reality so deep down at that subconscious core it’s kind of like a playlist on repeat or standard operating procedure or a hard drive of our computer our backstage crew at a show our root system to get back to that kind of root terminology it’s constantly feeding and filtering that which passes into the realm of our conscious thought and this is our belief system so your belief system literally influences and affects and impacts every single moment of your life and most of us don’t even realize that so everything we say everything we do it’s rooted in a garden where seeds were planted years ago even decades ago depending on how old you are so things we saw things we felt experienced heard these things that developed over the course of time with reinforcement and nourishment these things grew the seeds that were planted way back when they grew and they grew either into flowers or weeds so it’s chronic recurring beliefs Behavior patterns habits things that now literally Define who we are how we show up in the world what our reality looks like so kind of crazy I think when you think about it right like I think it’s just not something that we as humans think about on a regular basis we’re really tapped into and tuned into that conscious mind because we’re always using it as long as we’re awake we’re using it it’s constantly going for many of us um but all the so all the buzz about mindset and the choosing to think differently and act differently and show up differently it’s great it’s super important having that positive growth mindset definitely something we should all strive to have but for many of us who get caught in that stuckness that stagnancy that self-sabotage it’s greater than that it’s more than that so just the shifting of the conscious mind it’s a start right it’s a three three to five percent impact start but more often than not it’s just not enough so we need to go deeper and tap into that subconscious mind and really reframe and reprogram that playlist reseed the garden so we can kill the weeds once and for all um and cultivate the beautiful and bountiful Garden of flowers and fruits and all the things that really serve Us in life in moving forward and creating are really robust and positive and impactful reality so here’s really the bottom line is that for any anyone who’s felt stuck and I’ve been there um it’s not you right we think it’s us we blame it on you know why do I keep doing this we get stuck in that constant cycle of self-sabotage and self-blame and just feeling negatively about making the wrong choices and not having the willpower and all of those things we keep beating ourselves up and so if you are doing the conscious work if you’re choosing you if you’re showing up if you’re doing the right things it’s probably not your willpower it’s probably not you in the conscious space it’s more likely that pesky subconscious programming that Lies Beneath the surface so how I ended up here is you know coming from the functional medicine space I realized pretty early on in addition to kind of my pyramid approach to like physical physiologic emotional and energetic health and how those all funnel back to each other is that there are really three key things that keep us I refer to like sad sick and stagnant and those are toxins trauma and thoughts and so as practitioners that first one if you’re working with you know Peak or you’re working with Princeton Integrative Health you’re very aware of this because we’re talking about it a lot of the time which is that toxicity piece so actual like you know toxins that our bodies carry around so we work to eradicate those you know eliminate them from our body as we are now and then reduce and minimize exposure moving forward but it’s um the other two the thoughts and the trauma piece that become the bigger Challenge and honestly they’re so intricately connected so that’s really how I got into this work this subconscious mind set work is because I again I saw the people in our practice who despite having the knowledge as Dr Buddy said despite having the tools despite having the team the cheerleaders the accountability the support the encouragement despite even having the right mindset they remained stuck and so I wanted to understand why and then I wanted to be able to help so here’s the really interesting thing and what I’ve learned over the years of my study here is that most of our beliefs and our belief system they’re formed by the age of five so most of that time a majority of that time my conscious mind can’t even remember right like we don’t really have a whole lot of memories before the age of five um type in the chat if you’re somebody who has like a really conscious memory before the age of five I have some memories but very few so and then the ones that I do have are like
(18:16) super impactful and possibly like I dare I dare categorize it like this but like somewhat traumatic so you know one of the things I remember is probably four or five years old is my parents and I had driven I’m here in New Jersey I was living in Upstate New York at the time when I was young that’s where I grew up and um we had driven down to Tennessee to attend the World’s Fair now I don’t even know if they have the World’s Fair I’m dating myself I’m going back 40 years 40 some years now um and there was an exhibit kind of in the center of the fair and it was robots they were robots so again conceptually speaking because 40 years ago robots looked a heck of a lot different than they look now we had no like AI or chat gbt or any of that stuff so they were kind of like Star Wars looking things think like is it C-3PO or three CPO and you know just what you would Envision to be like in a Star Wars movie um and I being you know just a tiny one I must have like repositioned myself in the crowd to get a better View and when I looked up for my parents they weren’t there and so of course I began to cry and grew hysterical and you know I remember a nice like I literally remember this as if I’m watching it it’s like a holographic image I have so I remember a woman grabbing me by the hand taking me over to a security guard and the whole thing probably lasted maybe 60 seconds in my mind it felt a lot longer but that memory is hugely impactful and it’s something that I’ve stored away because it was so impactful and like I said dare I say traumatic for me in that time so these are the big things these are the things that that stick the things that shape us so you know when you think about it most of these beliefs and belief systems are shaped by the age of five so like your relationship with money shaped by the age of five your relationship with health shaped by the age of five your relationship with love was shaped by the age of five and I think most importantly often our relationship with ourselves was shaped before the age of five so as you know you you might be able to remember when you were that young but and especially for folks who are parents and have kids and can observe this um kids are sponges right so when we’re kids we hear everything see everything we take it in and what’s really interesting is the brain at that point it doesn’t really have a concept of logic so we take it for what it is and we create beliefs about around it so we’re greatly influenced by people that are around us in our environment whether that’s our parents or other family members maybe school and friends to some extent situations and circumstances that are really greatly beyond our capacity for conscious comprehension and we stuff it away and we stuff it away where we stuff it way down into that subconscious so down beneath that surface so it’s kind of funny because I have a five-year-old daughter now I also have a nine-year-old son but I hadn’t really discovered this work when he was five so with my daughter I’m really like consciously observing her through a whole new lens and because I now know what I know and I do what I do and I’m super curious to observe and hear her perception of things it’s it’s really kind of interesting funny and fascinating so for instance it was yesterday morning I was driving her to school and we drove by a house in our neighborhood that we drive by every day and it was kind of a rainy dreary day and so she had been looking out the window with the raindrops hitting the windows and I’m driving through the neighborhood and all of a sudden and I had caught this out of the corner of my eye but all of a sudden she screams out I just saw a lion and I knew the house we had driven by actually was an older woman who lived there and she had a big dog which was like a very furry big collie so I knew what she was referring to um and I was somewhat unfazed by it but literally with this like tone of heightened excitement and awe I just saw a lion she screams out so did she actually just see a lion no did she believe she just saw a lion yeah I believe she probably did and well that experience specifically be filed away in her subconscious filing cabinet to remain forever and ever I’m not sure how impactful it was but you see what I’m getting at here so she experienced something she tied a feeling to it had an emotion around it right and that created a belief for her now a belief system which is really at the depths of everything that takes a bit more to form but if you grow up in household where your father is always stressed about work and you hear him repeatedly say things like this job is going to kill me you may form a belief system about work if your parents argue frequently maybe going through a divorce you may form a belief system about love conversely you could grow up in a household where your parents are amazingly in love with one another and could create a very positive impression or belief system about love or maybe they’re so enthralled with one another that it’s you know they believe themselves to be the only two people in the world and so there’s kind of this neglectful situation or environment where maybe you you form a belief of like I’m not loved I’m not enough you know all of that stuff so and it’s not always parents although obviously we’re impacted pretty significantly around you know that our household and how we grow up but it could be teachers it could be friends it could be bullies it could be you know a school play you weren’t picked for a sports team or even you know I remember being in like Elementary School gym class and you know watching the kids who got picked last or even being picked last for certain things like these are all impactful and influential things that form our perception of ourselves and our place in the world which essentially is you know kind of the standard definition of our reality it creates our reality so I think as a parent of youngish kids when I first discovered this work I was a little bit freaked out right because I was constantly thinking like did I do something wrong you know did I look at them wrong did I say something wrong did I sneeze wrong and sometimes as parents it feels like you’re doing everything wrong so um just you know quick disclaimer like it is what it is and it’s not about you so don’t let that freak you out it’s really about them so they’re gonna draw their own perception their own conclusions no matter what you do they’re in the process of creating their own reality as we have all done so um but I think it’s good to have this awareness as a parent and it’s definitely changed how I show up not just for my kids but for my husband and for my family and for my friends and my community and my my practice our clients and patients here so I think it’s a really great kind of conscious awareness to have so back to the subconscious which is what we’re talking about here so while this may seem kind of mysterious or almost elusive it’s really not it’s you right it’s like you’re programming it’s your playlist it’s who you are and the really great news is that even though those kind of preliminary belief systems are formed really early in life if you don’t like it you can in fact change it so you really have the power to shift that narrative to update the playlist and to prune the garden so the question I get all the time is like well but how right like how do we get started here so my beautiful Mentor Marissa Pierre who created rapid transformational therapy which I’m now certified in um I can call myself a rapid transformational therapist and subconscious success strategist she wrote this amazing book called tell yourself a better lie so do that tell your mind exactly what you wanted to do who you wanted to be so your mind knows she’s got a bunch I think it’s 17 rules of the mind and one of them is that your mind knows that it’s its job to do exactly what you tell it and your beliefs you make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you so she encourages us to show up and just tell ourselves a different lot a better life so you think you’re incapable of doing something tell yourself otherwise are you a chronic procrastinator tell yourself otherwise because a lot of it is in these words and in this programming whether we’re programming from you know programming from our conscious mind to our subconscious um that we’re able to kind of recreate these stories reprogram these playlists so you want to tell it and tell it again right create your reality you are we are all creators so we can we can be who we want to be we can show up how we want to be but we have to first be clear on what that is and then tell ourselves and tell ourselves again because your mind learns through repetition so it’s not just about reprogramming a playlist but then it’s you want to play that playlist on repeat so a few tips kind of around that right so your mind can only work in the present tense so you need to make sure that you’re communicating for today and not the future so this is where kind of those affirmations which again I think with the mindset work and all that everyone’s really familiar with affirmations but sometimes I think what happens is we try to create affirmations for the future so like I am becoming or I will be and really you want to speak in the present tense so I am healthy I am wealthy I am in love I am successful I am happy whatever that might be right now you know so the right now piece is important your mind doesn’t understand negatives so don’t use the words don’t can’t not never any of that you don’t want to tell it what you don’t want or what not to do you want to be really clear in a positive way about what you do want and what you do want it to do so tell it what you want not what you don’t want the words you use must be dynamic and descriptive so the Mind actually learns through pictures so as we’re speaking these words and we’re feeling into these words the way the mind really learns is that it creates an image it creates a picture and then it creates the feelings and emotions that tie back to that picture I know I have this and I referenced it earlier that kind of holographic image almost feeling like an out-of-body experience so hopefully y’all have can can kind of resonate with that if you’ve ever had I think the most impactful memories I have I almost can visualize it’s almost as if I was removed from my body and I’m looking down on like my younger self in these certain situations so you want to paint the most beautiful picture for your mind so for instance rather than seeing something like yeah I want to lose weight you should be saying something like my body is an amazing well-oiled fuel burning High Performance Machine you want to set your mind on fire through your words and you want to do this daily when I do this multiple times a day you know start simply by just telling yourself a new story first thing in the morning and then maybe repeating that story before bed so this is the conscious work which seems you know as we’re talking about conscious versus subconscious um almost counterintuitive but it actually is really impactful and again you can program your subconscious mind through your conscious actions so it’s something you can easily do and work into your daily routine however for faster and more impactful work we leverage a heightened state of subconscious awareness which can be obtained through hypnosis so my modality which I referenced earlier is called rapid transformational therapy and it combines a few key modalities one is hypnotherapy two is NLP or neuro-linguistic programming three is CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy and then Psychotherapy and neuroplasticity so neuroplasticity is the rewiring of the brain so the pruning of the garden and you know the replanning of the the fruits and the flowers it’s the it’s ensuring that the brain is connecting those synapses in a more of a positive approach or positive way so I find that kind of interesting right because again I said I like I’m not super I’m not woo at all I come from a very kind of like conventional very science-forward background and so it’s interesting because I think some of people hear the word hypnosis or hypnotherapy and all of a sudden they think of like swinging pendulums and Stage performers who are like you know making people dance around and collect like chickens and it’s really nothing like that so um in my work with hypnosis what hypnosis is is it’s really just like a very deep parasympathetic state so very relaxed State and what this does is it allows us to clear the noise of the conscious mind and tap into and transform those sticky subconscious beliefs those things that are keeping us stuck sad sick whatever the challenge might be um so I’m going to share a link with Buddy which he can pass on to folks who are interested in learning more about the deeper work that I do but in the interest of time I wanted to give you guys a taste of of the work itself so before that I wanted to share a quote which I think is super relevant here which comes from Mahatma Gandhi so he says and this goes obviously way back but your beliefs become your thoughts your thoughts become your words your words become your actions your actions become your habits your habits become your values and your values become your destiny so if there’s really any anything that I encourage you to take away from this it’s that you can do this right you can do this it’s not your fault there’s probably some subconscious beliefs subconscious belief systems more deeply ingrained that are holding you back from achieving your goals your dreams your reality you know the real reality that you’re you’re destined to be here for um Mel Robbins gave a statistic that I love and I’m not even sure what the validity of it is but um if you know Mel Robbins she’s like a motivational speaker best-selling author she’s she always tells talks about the fact that the probability of each of us being on this Earth is one in 400 trillion so when you actually calculate backwards the statistics of like you know the probability of our parents being here and then our parents parents and then our parents parents parents and all of that like the probability of us being here is one in 400 trillion so you’re here for a reason you’re here to create something beautiful and amazing and sometimes it’s just about getting out of Our Own Way in the business coaching I do I work with some of the most amazing people who are just stuck they do all the work they’ve got the best things and um they just unfortunately feel stuck and unable to share that so um you know just a word of encouragement is that you have all the power you need um if you need help getting unstuck hopefully this the next 50 to 10 to 15 minutes as I walk you through some of of my work will create some level of a mini transformation but um I’m going to ask Dr Buddy to share a link to an upcoming master class that I’m hosting it’s free it’s called billion dollar belief system breakthrough so that will be posted here in the chat and also feel free to email me for more information which is Jenna j-e-n-n-a at Jenna so let’s do this um for for those of you who are open I’m going to take you through a 10 to 15 minute mini transformation for those who maybe don’t wish to participate or don’t have the time right now I do thank you so much for your time and interest and wish you all the best and then for those of you who do wish to stick around it’s done so here’s a little taste of rtt for you so I’m just going to ask you to make sure that you’re comfortable if you can and you’re on a place to do so I just ask that you put your your phone in Do Not Disturb mode or shut down the computer screen and just kind of tap and tune into yourself for the next 10 to 15 minutes and we’re just going to start with some breaths so I’m going to ask you to breathe in and out and again and out let’s keep that slow and relaxed breath going now I’d like you to just look up with your eyes open as high as you can as if you’re trying to look into your own eyebrows or at a real or imaginary spot on the ceiling keep your eyes open and just look up and breathe in and breathe out take another deep breath and and out and just one final time breathe in keep your eyeballs up and this time as you exhale just close your eyelids right down all the way down and as your eyelids close down the muscles and nerves in and around your eyes are becoming heavy droopy drowsy your eyelids are starting to feel as if they’ve been glued shut sealed shut locked tightly together so now you can just forget about the position of your eyes and just let them relax just let them go wherever you feel comfortable it’s completely relaxed now I’d like you just to drop your chin a fraction of an inch and it should feel as if you’re looking over the edge of a balcony or down a flight of stairs and now as I count you back from ten to one you’re going to be moving down that staircase you’re going to see your feet hear your feet and feel your feet treading each and every step As you move down you’re moving on to step 10 is each muscle every nerve turns loose lets loose and you go deeper taking step nine and eight you can see your feet hear your feet and feel your feet treading each step as you go deeper on to step seven As you move down drift down sink down deeper you’re taking step six going deeper with each and every breath and on to step five you’re halfway down as each muscle every nerve turns loose let’s loose and you go deeper on to step four and then three going deeper with each sound every noise every movement around you carrying you deeper and further into hypnosis taking step two let’s go deeper sinking further into that awareness of yourself on to Step One just go deeper sink deeper drift deeper and every time I snap my fingers and say the words go deeper drift deeper sink deeper simply going deeper and deeper into your own internal state so just go deeper drift deeper sink deeper and as you go deeper you don’t need to think about anything except one thing you have the most phenomenal power to dialogue with your mind in a way that gives you the most phenomenal results and every day you remember that your mind listens to the words that you tell it your mind does what it thinks she wanted to do your mind does what you tell it to do and now that you know this you make it a point of telling your mind the most amazing most beautiful most powerful most motivating things I want to do this I’ve chosen to do this this makes me happy I’ve chosen to feel great about doing this if you want to have massive motivation huge Energy Drive you desire to go to the gym and love every minute there and give it 150 percent you want to make a lot more money and commit to your business for your job you want to be really healthy and fit or if you want to know that you truly truly matter in this world and that your significant and lovable whatever it is I want you to get an image of what it is for you I want you to paint that picture in your mind I want you to tell your mind show your mind spell it out for your mind what it is that you want I want you to let your mind know this is what I want this is what I insist on this is what I require from and for myself for my life from now on you let your mind know every single day what it is you desire and require tell your mind every day I am choosing this and I am choosing to feel great about it and your mind gets it immediately your beautiful mind your brilliant mind the most powerful most driving force in you it’s locking onto my words locking onto your images and accepting them so easily and effortlessly and every single day you are so motivated so conditioned so programmed to create these words and these images in such a powerful specific and detailed way that your mind has no choice but to give you the most phenomenal results you start that dialogue you do it every single day your words signal very clearly to your mind what you want what you require and what you’re prepared to do to get it and because your mind hears these words sees these images it understands immediately and it motivates you conditions you programs you and compels you to take action to think positively to do what you need to do to have the amazing extraordinary uncompromised life that you’re determined and destined to have anything you truly desire requires making some change in how you think and how you speak to yourself you make those changes you Embrace those changes you love those changes they excite you they Empower you they Delight you your ability to feed your mind with better words and images it produces so much power so much energy so much motivation so much commitment and it’s having such an amazing and compelling impact on you because you have the power you use that power you have the most phenomenal power to show your mind to tell your mind how you want to think how you want to act how you want to react how you want to behave you communicate with yourself in a very powerful Solutions oriented and results driven way you use the power of your mind you direct and command your mind to give you the results you want by changing your language forever because your body is controlled by a network of intelligence which is influenced by your mind and you have made up your mind set your mind to speak to yourself in a completely different way and first it’s what you do and then it’s who you are and it’s so easy you start to add these words I’ve chosen to do this I’ve chosen to be more ambitious I’ve chosen to do more to demand more of myself and I’ve chosen to feel great about it you’re communicating with yourself in the most powerful way every single day and every part of you is seeing results and all you have to do is hear these words think these thoughts see these images and accept these suggestions every negative habit of action is of course run by a habit of thought and you’re changing your thinking and you’re changing the way you’re thinking is dramatically changing any negative habits they are fading away in their place you’re embracing and accepting new wonderful habits of success you’re changing your thinking you’re changing your thought processes your whole belief system is changing and that means that even your biochemistry is changing you have more energy more drive more passion more dedication more commitment you are more ambitious and you feel so strong you feel stronger every day because every day you think and you see and you believe your mind’s ability to change the way you act simply by changing the way you speak to yourself your mind does what it thinks you want it to do your mind does what you tell it to do you tell your mind amazing things tell your mind amazing things all the time through your imagination through your creative thinking you’re directing your mind telling it what you want showing it what you want showing it what you require of yourself and your mind immediately understands your mind is completely on board you have that wonderful combination you have goals you have beliefs and you have something so special the ability to communicate with yourself you are becoming Unstoppable you have everything that it takes and so much more you’re beautiful you are unique you have abundant belief in yourself but you have something else that gives you an extraordinary Edge you have an ability that it’s becoming instinctive to you to dialogue with yourself to communicate with yourself in such a powerful way that you get results your mind is influencing your body and your influencing your mind in the most perfect and profound way you have such a clear image of who and how you desire to show up in the world and you use the most beautiful and Brilliant words to create that image you think these thoughts you use these words you see these images and you’re responding so powerfully to those direct mental commands your inner mind is picturing manifesting creating exactly what you desire your imagination has no limits and neither do you your potential is expanding As you move toward it you can’t even know what your potential is because your potential expands As you move toward it and as your potential expands your mind expands and your ability to dialogue with your self-expanse your mind will never ever go back to its old Dimension because you’re wiring these new amazing healthy habits of communicating with yourself in a productive solution oriented and results driven way this image of you doing this is becoming so clear so real so attainable more so with every day that passes these words are becoming embedded in your mind my voice is going with you it’s having a powerful permanent and all-pervasive impact on you it’s already so clear so real so lifelike everything you desire is already in the right place at the right time you’re making this happen whatever it might be eating healthy food going to the gym waking up early to meditate you tell yourself I love this this makes me happy it gives me pleasure and now your mind which is always trying to move you toward pleasure and away from Pain it understands you feed your mind to the right instructions you feed your mind the right words you feed your mind the right images and you feel Unstoppable you’re changing your words you’re changing your thoughts and it’s changing your life and it’s so exciting you have a phenomenal dialogue with your own mind you tell it what you want and your mind understands exactly what you want it blocks any resistance and it takes you exactly to where you need to be successful healthy and living an uncompromised life give your mind direct specific detailed Crystal Clear commands and give your mind direct instructions that signal and communicate to your mind in a way that only gives you maximum results we all talk to ourselves all the time maybe we don’t realize it but we do but now you talk to yourself in a way that is filled with so much love so much worth so much appreciation and so much acceptance and because you speak to yourself This Way you get better outcomes so just for a few more minutes tell your mind what you want tell it who you want to be tell it what you love tell your mind that you love doing whatever it is you need to do just like the Marines tell themselves that they love running through mud sleet and rain or the way an Olympic Athlete tells himself he loves training you see the best performers before performing tell their minds I want this I’ve chosen this I love this and that’s exactly what happens you’re developing the most phenomenal skills the most amazing ability to communicate with your own mind in a way that works your success in every area is so dependent on how you dialogue and communicate with yourself you are able to dialogue with your mind in a way which absolutely ensures and guarantees success it is detailed it is accurate it leaves no room for misinterpretation and now that your mind is clear it’s with you assisting you and taking you forward so now feeling excited feeling thrilled feeling delighted feeling empowered knowing and feeling certain that you’re going to do this and show other people how to do it too because you’re becoming a leader in the way that you think in the way that you communicate with yourself and in the way that you show up with the world so when you’re ready feeling really wonderful really amazing on the count of five you can slowly and calmly begin to return to your awareness on the count of four maybe just wiggling your fingers and toes on the count of three taking another deep breath in the count of two becoming fully aware of your surroundings and on the count of one feeling Wide Awake fully aware just open your eyes fill your lungs take a long deep breath in and now and welcome back and that’s what I’ve got for you today

(51:00-52:45) Buddy Touchinsky
I’m back okay I feel totally different coming out of that than going into it so that was awesome you guys we got some live viewers now so let us know what you think of that and if anything came up for you don’t have to be specific but um yeah share what share your thoughts on that share share if that was helpful for you guys and if you have any questions we have a few minutes here before the top of the hour go ahead and type those in the comments there and and we’ll we’ll address those um but yeah this is this is such a I mean a needed area for people and it’s just a lot of people gets to get stuck and and I like just a few things I wrote in the comments here some takeaways as you were talking and uh so yeah most of our subconscious programming forms before the age of five and um and I like how you mention it’s not not good or bad it’s just it just is so yeah and we just need to recognize that it’s kind of like those things where you can identify like maybe behaviors or thoughts in yourself and there’s no reason to judge pass judgment on yourself for having those thoughts or feelings or passing judgment on your parents because we all just do our best uh like we all our parents now and doing our best and sometimes when they make mistakes but it just is and understanding that we we are shaped by that it just raising that level of awareness we can start to identify like oh I’m thinking that we’re feeling that this way just because of perhaps what happened to me in the past but like you said I like the analogy of weeding the garden sometimes when you pull the weeds that aren’t serving us pull those plants out that aren’t serving us and then plant those seeds that that will serve us so yeah yeah all really good stuff.

(52:45-54:33) Jenna Richardson
it’s really interesting too because you got kind of a taste of what what I would call the transformation portion of rtt but what we do in a one-to-one session is we actually go back through a process of regression back to a few scenes from childhood in a hypnotic state to really tap into and tune into what were those key areas those key things that happened right because we can consciously I mean I all of us I think have memories from when we were younger of things that it’s like you can consciously think back about oh yeah like this is how I felt then and maybe that influenced me you know moving forward or the challenges that I have now as an adult but like some of the things that come up for people in these sessions when they’re just you know we’ve quieted the noise of the conscious mind and you know I I kind of describe hypnosis as like asleep you’re you’re not asleep but you’re asleep in the nervous system so every you know you’re fully in control um but you’re just really able to tap into that 97 that maybe isn’t always accessible to you so you know we go through a process and some of the memories that come up for people it’s like wow I didn’t even know that was in there like it’s just it blows their mind um I’ve even had people who’ve done some like really kind of crazy you know um like plant medicine Journeys and things like that that they come out of them and they’re like I’ve never experienced anything like that I was really really amazing like I didn’t even know that was in there or that that I was holding on to that so strongly right and so it’s not just the tapping into and tuning into what are those things what are those roots then we actually pull those weeds right out in the session so it’s a whole process of like releasing and reframing and then transforming in the session and then I give people a 20 an actual recording so kind of similar to what we just went through and I encourage them to listen to that for 21 days following the session because it takes about 21 days for those neural circuits to kind of rewire so the seeds to be replanted and then the flowers to start to bloom

(54:33-55:10) Buddy Touchinsky
yeah just to be in that parasympathetic State too and we talk about the sympathetic overdrive and the fight-or-flight response and it’s basically a reactive just fight or flight survival type of response and it really it shuts down um the parts of her brain that has that that more like subconscious thoughts and um that’s that ability to kind of picture ahead and dream and vision because your body your brains and care about that when it’s in the moment it’s that squirrel Hawks flying overhead doesn’t care about storing up nuts for the winter and planning ahead it just needs to get the heck out of there those couple of seconds

(55:10-55:18) Jenna Richardson
and unfortunately that’s where most of us live nowadays right like 90 some percent of the time.

(55:18-55:32) Buddy Touchinsky
Absolutely so if someone wants to work with you one-on-one what’s the best way like what’s the next steps like do they email you that they call you and yeah where does it go from there let’s look because this is something new for a lot of people so what’s what does that process look like yeah as they get started.

(55:32-57:35) Jenna Richardson
I’m happy to talk with anybody for you know kind of like 15-20 minute Discovery sessions we’ll talk about what the challenges are I mean I’ve I’ve seen rtt used for everything from you know overcoming limiting beliefs in business to like health challenges things that are showing up that actually are rooted in trauma or toxic thought patterns um fear of fear of flying fear of needles stopping smoking like really anything it can be used for anything which is really cool um I’m working on getting my website up so that’s still in process but the best way to reach me is Jenna j-e-n-n-a so Jenna Jenna um we’ll schedule a quick 15 minute and then the way that it works is my sessions are around as I said about what two hours we work through a really kind of deep complex process and then I send people away with that transformational recording and um you know just don’t want to toot my own horn here but it’s not about me but it’s actually about the power of the work I actually have a woman who had a really traumatic super traumatic childhood and had rheumatoid arthritis and a whole bunch of other challenges health-wise as well as both like personally the inability to put herself out there she was a performer and and just couldn’t show up in the way that she needed to to do that work in the in the most effective way and at the conclusion of our second session so most of the time rtt can be super impactful in one session sometimes it takes two or three but very rarely anything more than that but she said you know I’ve been doing talk therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy on its own she’s in her 60s for probably about 30 to 40 years since it like became a thing and I I felt more impact from one or two sessions with you than I felt in decades of doing that work because what do we do when we do that work we get stuck in the story and what our tdt does is it actually unravels the story so that we can write a new one and we work in the session on actually writing the new one together.

(57:35-58:29) Buddy Touchinsky
Awesome yeah if anyone who’s watching this and uh Peak member or not a peak member and if you’re feeling stopped you feel like there’s something missing you just can’t get get to that point where you make the changes stick to it definitely reach out to Jenna set up that call just have a discussion and see if it’s something that’s right for you I through put the email there in in the comments and um this could be the kind of linchpin that’s preventing you from getting to that next step especially if you have the knowledge you have the support maybe you’re working with us here at Peak integrated medicine but there’s something that’s just you just can’t get get over that hurdle um this could be that that thing that gets you through that and then everything else becomes that much easier and then we’re off that are races from there so any last thought comments Jenna and thank you so much for being here this is a great service to our community here and uh certainly to yours as well at Princeton Integrative Health and uh but any any last comments that you want to cover before we we log off here for this?

(58:29-58:55) Jenna Richardson
I mean I can’t really think of anything I think you know just from a motivational standpoint it’s just kind of a concept that I live my life by I may have mentioned it in the opening which is kind of like done is better than perfect like just take the next step you know just take the next step and the next step leads to the next step and those baby steps you can climb up Mount Everest making baby steps you don’t need to kind of scale the the peak all in one Fell Swoop so um yeah let’s do the work.

(58:55-59:20) Buddy Touchinsky
Absolutely and as our Mentor Sasha Patel says that who we work with um the universe rewards actions so yeah just keep taking that next step no matter how small build momentum from there and you will see the results you want to see so thanks again Jenna thank you joining us thanks to everyone for tuning in Live or watching the replay and you need anything at all just reach out to either one of us and we’ll get you some help so all right guys till next time we’ll see you later. Thanks!

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